Our suppliers

All suppliers to Rebecca Furniture are committed to REACH certification: registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (1907/2006/EC).


All MDF products are classified according to their formaldehyde emissions following the criteria defined in the industry technical standards and summarized in Appendix B of UNI EN 13986. The panels that are selected by Rebecca Furniture for the production of its products are class E1 (low emission) can therefore be used without causing an equilibrium concentration in the air of the test chamber (defined in the UNI EN 717-1 standard) greater than 0.1 ppm, the limit recommended by the World Health Organization for living and living environments.



Packaging and raw materials

Rebecca Furniture also pays attention to environmental sustainability and complies with packaging regulations in both Italy and Europe, joining Conai for Italy, Interseroh for Germany and Adelphe for France. Our certifications have been active for more than 5 years.

Rebecca Furniture is also part of the Conlegno consortium and is properly registered within Mipaaf in order to combat deforestation and promote the market for wood and wood derivatives of legal origin that does not harm the environment and the socio-economic conditions of the Exporting Countries.

To support this corporate vision, Rebecca Srl also obtained FSC® certification in 2023. The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-governmental, independent and non-profit organisation. One of its objectives is to help care for forests and the people and wildlife that live in them. It does this by promoting environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically sustainable management of the world's forests. Look for FSC-certified products in our catalogue and help protect the forests and local communities living in or around the forests!


The wood that is chosen for the production of our products is a cultivable wood that has a very fast growth rate. Rebecca Furniture is committed to continuing forest chain of custody standards and, in particular, in avoiding any direct or indirect involvement, in sourcing wood-based products, from:

  • War timber or otherwise from illegal logging or trade in illegal timber or forest products
  • Forestry operations conducted in violation of human rights and traditional
  • destruction of High Forest Conservation Values or significant conversion of primary forests n plantations or into non-forest land uses
  • Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations
  • forest materials from countries that are subject to UN sanctions, or sanctions enforceable by the EU or sanctions by national governments that restrict the export/import of such forest products.

Objective plastic free


Our packaging is certified and tested to deliver our products. Our goal is to achieve fully recyclable and plastic-free packaging by the end of 2024.


We have about 1,200 references in our warehouse, and the main strength of our logistics system is undoubtedly the speed with which we can fulfill our customers' orders.


We ship our parcels by express courier and are able to deliver in 24/48 working hours in Italy. From the moment the package is picked up by the courier, the customer receives an email with all the information and references to track the shipment. The customer can also change the delivery location (or their address) and choose the delivery time according to their preferences or needs.

Damaged goods during transport?
We'll take care of it!

We pack each product with the utmost care, but some unforeseen events may occur during courier shipment.


Contact us with a report to our Customer Service.


Pack the product using the original shipping packaging.


We will send you the replaced item as soon as possible.

Damaged goods during transport?
We'll take care of it!

We pack each product with the utmost care, but some unforeseen events may occur during courier shipment.


Contact us with a report to our Customer Service.


Pack the product using the original shipment packaging.


We will send you the replaced item as soon as possible.

Discover our products to furnish the whole house!

Rebecca Srl is an Italian company specialising in the sale of furnishing accessories, decorative accessories and outdoor furniture, established in 2015 and now a reference point for those looking for home products online on Italian and international sites. We operate in the B2B and B2C e-commerce sector, we do not have physical shops or showrooms but operate exclusively online.

We are a young, flexible but well-structured team. Energy, enthusiasm and creativity are our real strengths! And a keen eye for new trends, to ensure you always have the best in innovation and style. Every day we try to integrate the artisan culture of Le Marche, our land, with the technological imprint typical of our generation, so that novelty and tradition go hand in hand. Many of our products have received FSC certification and are manufactured with quality, ecological and sustainable materials. We have selected around 35 different suppliers, paying the utmost attention to the quality of the goods produced. Furnishing your home with us is simple and convenient! The products are shipped by express courier and the customer receives the ordered goods within 24-48 working hours (in Italy). Before the order is shipped, the customer has the opportunity to change the shipping address of the goods. Once the parcel leaves our warehouse, the customer will receive details so that he can track the shipment in real time.

Our in-house customer care service responds within 24 working hours to all requests from customers thanks to a state-of-the-art management system designed to create and resolve tickets with after-sales issues.

How to choose furnishing accessories for your home?

Do you want to renovate your home starting from the furniture but you are not sure where to start? Here are some tips and aspects to keep in mind before choosing the right furniture and furnishing accessories for you!

  • Style: when furnishing your home, don't underestimate style and choose the design that suits you. Scandinavian, shabby chic, rustic, modern, boho chic... Evaluate carefully and create atmospheres that best reflect your personality.
  • Colours: create an intriguing and coherent colour palette, both outdoors and indoors. Remember that the choice of colours also plays a key role in the lighting of your home and a consistent colour palette will create a truly unique atmosphere.
  • Size: consider the size of furniture and furnishings very carefully to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and to avoid creating a feeling of overcrowding in the home.

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