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White wooden clock with black lettering, modern but with a vintage flavor: designed for those who want to give the house an extra touch with an essential accessory.

26.99 EUR

A wall clock in gray and white wood with large numbers. Looking for an original gift idea? An accessory like this can be the perfect solution.

42.99 EUR

A modern wall clock in carved MDF, with white and blue numbers of various sizes. A perfect homedecor detail for a Scandinavian living room!

44.99 EUR

Wooden and metal clock with black hands and gray numbers, ideal if you love industrial and modern style. If you need a gift idea you're in the right place!

51.99 EUR

A modern style clock in brown color, designed for lovers of industrial style but also perfect for those who prefer retro style.

28.99 EUR

A refined vintage blue and white pickled wall clock. A wonderful idea to decorate a shabby chic wall or a living room decorated in a marine style.

16.99 EUR

An elegant decorative clock to hang, in white pickled and with black numbers with a romantic theme. A perfect example of shabby style for your home!

16.99 EUR

If you love the shabby style and are looking for a perfect piece of furniture, this round pickled wood wall clock will really do it for you.

28.99 EUR

A shabby, elegant and finely pickled wood wall clock. A wall decoration to make your Provencal bedroom even more beautiful!

38.99 EUR

A round watch dedicated to lovers of industrial style, in natural wood and dark blue. Also suitable for a vintage style room wall.

16.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items


The particular wall clocks are accessories that change the face of a room, giving warmth and an impression of personality and design. What was simply a house will become ... home!
The wall decorations give a precise idea of ​​the personality of those who live in that house, and a particular wall clock will add a style detail to the wall and will tell you something more about your personality and your taste.
We offer a series of wall clocks of design and details, in many styles and (especially) different sizes. Remember, in fact, that a large clock may be unsuitable for a room that is too small and too rich in detail. Conversely, a too small clock would end up "to get lost" in a white and too bare wall.


A modern wall clock is a style detail that will bring something extra to your home. A touch of design, taste and (why not) of personality!
There are many modern clocks on the market, but among our favorites there are certainly iron clocks, a gritty decoration to add to an industrial style home and characterized by a "recovery" furniture.


Among our proposals could not miss the shabby chic wall clocks, a romantic gift idea and perfect for those who love the Provencal style. A birthday, a wedding, Valentine's Day ... every occasion is good to give a watch!
Antique wooden clocks, Roman numerals and vintage charm: a shabby wall clock will immediately become the great protagonist of a country or rustic kitchen, a detail that will not go unnoticed!
Come and discover our line of special wall clocks, you will surely find the one that's right for you!