Lanterns and candle holders are a classy choice when it comes to home decoration. They are not simple decorative furnishing accessories, but a real style detail to create an even more relaxed, romantic and magical atmosphere and thus give a twist to the environment.

Generally we tend to associate candles with winter, the cozy warmth of a home while it is raining or snowing. And it is true, candelabras and lanterns are a must for the winter season and for Christmas, but they can give you great satisfaction even in spring and summer if you want to use them to light up the outdoor areas of the house. On the veranda, on the balcony or in the garden, they will be very useful for setting up a relaxing corner for you and your loved ones, a small nest of peace for a pleasant summer evening or in spring!

There are really many dimensions of decorative lanterns, not to mention the styles. We chose a series of lanterns and candle holders suitable for every style of furniture: from vintage/retro to shabby chic, from classic to modern taste. Discover now our proposals and choose the ones that you can best match with your idea of home!

Lanterns and candle holders to decorate with charm

Decorating with lanterns is much simpler than one might think: these splendid furnishing accessories can be used in many different ways and they bring elegance and charm throughout the home. An extra touch of romance that never hurts, especially if you love shabby chic style.

Candelabra and lanterns can be used in many different ways and leave your imagination free: you can place them on the ground to create an interesting corner in the living area of the house, or you can turn them into original table decorations. Did you know that lanterns with flowers are a very trendy decoration? Romantic and colorful, they will give a shabby chic touch to the whole environment!

Don't forget that the candlelight is a real panacea. Moreover, lighting a candle is a highly symbolic gesture, whether it is done in silence or listening to good music, alone or with the right company. Candles are warmth, perfume and emotion, essential for giving yourself a moment of rest and relaxation. An elegant and beautiful to look candle holder will therefore be indispensable to complete at best such a magical atmosphere!

Indoor lanterns: new light for the whole house

Indoor lanterns are a great way to bring new light into the home and create a relaxed environment with exciting light and shadow effects. The beauty of candle holders is that you can use them in all environments, from the living area to the sleeping area: an essential purchase if you love playing with decorative accessories to make your nest even more beautiful.

If you are looking for ideas to furnish the living room, we recommend using decorative lanterns to complete the setting up of a decorative fireplace frame and make it even more suggestive: the soft light of the candles will transform your living area into an authentic palace, especially during Christmas holidays!

The shabby candelabra can become excellent decorative elements even for the whole sleeping area. Candles transform the bedroom into a little princess's oasis, while large lanterns in the bathroom help create a very pleasant atmosphere full of well-being worthy of a Provencal bathroom. With a burner of essences and some incense here and there they will create the perfect setting for a very pleasant relaxing bath!

Outdoor candle holder for a fabulous summer

The candle holders are not very useful and spectacular only at home, but they are a good piece of furniture for all seasons! With outdoor candle holders you can create perfect settings for the garden, the balcony or the veranda and enjoy a fabulous summer.

Use our chandeliers to create a relaxing corner in the garden or on the balcony: some comfortable padded meditation chair to use as a seat (or colored cushions, alternatively), a table to put drinks or cups and a set of lanterns are all that what you need to better organize a fascinating corner that will leave your guests speechless!

Thanks to the striking light of the candles you can make a pathway even more beautiful through the garden or a flowering tree. Lanterns are also a great alternative to classic wall lights, and will help make your outdoor space more personal and spectacular!

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Damaged goods during transport?
We'll take care of it!

We pack each product with the utmost care, but some unforeseen events may occur during courier shipment.


Contact us with a report to our Customer Service.


Pack the product using the original shipment packaging.


We will send you the replaced item as soon as possible.

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