8 inspirations to decorate the fireplace in summer!

What comes to your mind when you think of a fireplace? Cozy atmospheres, the crackling fire, an armchair with a warm blanket and a good book ... A piece of furniture that we are brought to associate with winter, it's true, but today we want to give you inspirations to decorate the fireplace in summer and enhance it even during the summer!

An unlit and "empty" fireplace can be embellished and transformed into the protagonist of your home even during the summer. Much depends on your favorite furniture style and the setting you want to recreate, and the possibilities are really many. Are you not lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home? Don't worry: in our online store you will find an interesting selection of fake fireplaces, perfect decorative frames to simulate the presence of a real fireplace and that you can decorate at your convenience, not only in winter..

Here is a collection of ideas and inspirations to decorate the fireplace in summer and make it even more fascinating!

Flowers and garlands: the shabby chic summer fireplace

Camino shabby chic estivo

If you love the shabby chic style, here is a brilliant and very simple idea to make to embellish your fireplace during the summer. A colorful flower wreath will give freshness to your living room, while small lanterns, elegant candles and jars will decorate the mantel in an instant.

Timeless elegance: the classic fireplace in summer

Caminetto estivo in stile classicoSource: Pinterest

If you love the classic style, focus on decorative accessories to make your fireplace become the protagonist of the living room even in summer. Large metal lanterns, an ornamental plant to be inserted inside the frame, elegant memorabilia...and you're done!

All the beauty of greenery: decorate the fireplace in summer with plants

Caminetto decorato con piantineSource: Pinterest

Plants at home add freshness and vitality to the environment in all seasons of the year: if you have a green thumb you can decorate your fireplace in summer with pots of seedlings and transform the fireplace into a small greenhouse. Choose jars of various shapes and sizes, as in this photo, and take great care with the arrangement of the seedlings to create a dynamic and pleasing view. The wooden trunk can never be missing when it comes to decorating the fireplace: in this case you can transform it into an original support for arranging the jars!

Lively freshness: the fake fireplace with colored wood

Camino estivo con legna colorataSource: Pinterest

Speaking of wood, here is a nice idea to use it as a decorative element for your fireplace in summer: take a few small trunks, color the ends and arrange the timber inside the fireplace (or the fireplace frame) to create a chromatic composition fresh and colorful. To complete the work, play with colors even when you choose the accessories to be placed on the shelf and your fireplace will become decidedly glamorous!

The summer fireplace decorated in a modern style

Cornice camino estiva in stile modernoSource: Pinterest

If you love modern furniture, here is an inspiration to decorate the fireplace in summer and make it an integral part of the house in the blink of an eye. Inside the mouth of the fireplace (or decorative frame) insert a stack of magazines sorted by color, while with a design chair and a vase of flowers you can complete a minimalist and contemporary-inspired setting. As you can see in this photo, less is more: few special elements and materials (like copper) to create something amazing!

Candles and colorful details: the fake boho-chic fireplace

Il finto camino in stile boho-chicSource: Pinterest

Do you have a passion for ethnic details for the combinations of different styles? A fake boho-chic fireplace is what you need for your home in the summer! Extinguished candles (preferably of different sizes), plants, some bohemian accessories or decorative elements will make your fireplace a small masterpiece.

Desire of the sea: the fireplace frame decorated in coastal style

Finto camino in stile marinaro

Coastal atmospheres, fresh and aquatic colors, marine details ... decorating a fireplace frame in summer in a coastal style is really child's play! Look at this photo: starfish, white stones, colored and transparent bottles, shells ... nothing really is missing! This fake fireplace will be an added value of great style if you want to furnish the house by the sea, but you can take inspiration from this decoration to embellish the fireplace of your home in the city during the summer.

The eclectic and glamorous detail: the fake fireplace with books!

Finto camino con libriSource: Pinterest

We close this collection of inspirations to embellish the fireplace in summer with a really nice and original idea: the fireplace transformed into a bookcase! You can reinterpret this homedecor trend in many different ways: by adding shelves inside the fireplace (or the fireplace frame) and creating a small miniature library, or you can simply arrange your books on top of each other. Fascinating and very special, don't you think ?!

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Damaged goods during transport?
We'll take care of it!

We pack each product with the utmost care, but some unforeseen events may occur during courier shipment.


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