Shabby Chic Christmas: how to decorate your home for Christmas in white & taupe

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How to decorate a home for a perfect shabby chic Christmas? Just a little imagination and the right furnishing accessories are enough. We'll tell you everything in this guide to decorate your living room for the holidays!

Shabby chic Christmas is a dream, a truly unique and highly appreciated romantic atmosphere by lovers of white, vintage atmospheres, furnishings with delicate colors and antique wood. In reality it is not difficult to decorate the house for Christmas following this style so in vogue.

We decided to give you a short guide to decorate your home in a shabby chic style for Christmas!

The necessary starting point is obviously the palette: each shade should be neutral and refined. Not necessarily all white, but cream, beige, taupe, gray, coffee...the shades of our palette are these. Ah, without forgetting the green branches of a beautiful shabby Christmas tree!

But what makes the shabby chic style so unique? Let's see how to furnish a shabby chic Christmas home!

A dreamy shabby chic Christmas with a decorated fireplace surround!

When Christmas celebrations are approaching, the shabby fireplace surround is one of the most desired furnishing accessories, if not the most desired. If you are not lucky enough to own an authentic fireplace, then the decorative frames come in handy, essential to create an atmosphere full of warmth and charm in the living room.

For our guide to shabby chic Christmas decorations we have chosen a white pickled model with a delicate floral inlay, a classic of this style!

Finto camino per Natale shabby chic

1. Enhance your fake white fireplace by painting the wall in a different color such as dove gray, gray and coffee color. You don't have to color the whole wall, just a strip of wall a little wider than the decorative frame. The striped walls are also perfect: very French, very shabby chic!

2. The inside: to move the inside of the frame a little, you can use a brick-themed wallpaper, but only in the portion framed by the fireplace. Are you going to use your fake shabby fireplace only for the Christmas holidays, and then put it away for the rest of the year? Have a piece of plywood cut and cover it with wallpaper. In this way the entire set-up will be removable. Cover the corner between the wall and the floor with a beautiful shabby-style garland, so if the joint is not perfect, no one will notice.


3. Have fun decorating the house for Christmas starting right from the fireplace frame! Lights and candles are the perfect lighting for a shabby chic Christmas. You can also indulge in decorating the fake fireplace with butcher's broom, berries and pine cones: the result will be truly fairytale. Even the "window sill" of the fireplace should not be forgotten! Use it as a shelf, then go ahead with the decorations: a beautiful wooden decorative word will make a great impression, as well as some small ornaments like a birdcage. Combine stockings and gift packages avoiding, if possible, too bright shades. Red is a wonderful exception, a Christmas color so classic that it goes perfectly with the shabby chic style!

4. Don't forget to create a frame for your shabby decorative fireplace: both on the right and on the left you can arrange some taller objects with a vertical shape. We recommend a Christmas tree then decorated in light and neutral colors, at most a few gold elements. On the other hand, white wooden crates with antique charm will be great for holding Christmas presents and will add a perfect rustic touch to your shabby chic living room!

Photographs and wall decorations for your shabby chic Christmas

Bare walls! No, thanks! Clocks, paintings and photo frames will discreetly revive the walls of your living room, finally giving it that "home" atmosphere that makes people feel at ease.

You could choose some Christmas-themed photos to change during the year with different subjects; or you can hang neutral ones and accessorize them with lights, themed photos and Christmas decorations.

Decorazioni da parete per un Natale shabby chic

When it comes to pictures and photos, we suggest you to use a multiple white mosaic photo frame, an idea from our store to move the wall with an original and at the same time discreet frame.

If you don't want to get out of your neutral palette, look at the pictures! The ideal would be to choose shots in black and white or, even better, the sepia color! Edit your photos with an ad hoc program (you can find many of them free online and have filters similar to Instagram) or have someone help you to color it. The effect will be beautiful, delicate, very uniform.

Finally, the wall decorations: stylized Christmas trees, a few snowflakes, red bows and heart-shaped pendants will be perfect embellishments for your shabby home, especially if made with creative DIY!

A romantic and charming shabby chic Christmas thanks to the lanterns!

Lanterns and chandeliers are essential decorative accessories to create a magical atmosphere thanks to the soft light of candles. Such versatile furnishing accessories that can be used all year round, but...let's face it: what would a shabby chic Christmas be without lanterns?

We have chosen for you from our store this pair of white and light wood colored lanterns, with a discreet charm and able to adapt even to a romantic and shabby chic decor. Use them to light up your fireplace or place them under the Christmas tree. The result will be absolutely spectacular, and your living room will be ready to welcome the joyful atmosphere of the Christmas holidays!

So, to recap: for a perfect shabby chic Christmas we need a Christmas tree, a fake fireplace, romantic decorations and some decorative lanterns. Always keep the reference palette in mind and move every object until everything looks right. And of course, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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