How to create a relaxation corner at home: ideas for large and small homes

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Creating a relaxation corner at home is also possible in a "mini" apartment. Let's find out together how to set up a space in the house to dedicate to your well-being!

The last few months have taught us that: living your home in a peaceful way is very, very important to find your balance. So today we offer you an idea. How about discovering how to create a relaxation corner at home?

Think about it: an area of your own where you can rest while listening to music, doing yoga, pursuing a hobby or reading your favorite book. Especially for those who work from home (but also for those with small children!) Carving out a space for themselves, a place intended only for well-being, helps to recharge the batteries.

Creare un angolo relax in casa

By reading this guide you will discover how to set up a relaxation room at home (if you are lucky enough to be able to use an entire room), but also how to furnish a small relaxation corner in the living room, on the veranda, in the study or in the bedroom.

Rugs, blankets, cushions, soft armchairs on the floor, books, candles: this is everything you need to set up your own niche in which to unplug. Let's get started right away!

What do you need to create a relaxation area at home?

Cosa serve per arredare un angolo relax

First we ask you to use your imagination. How would you like to use this relaxation corner? What do you like doing in your free time? What are the activities that help you unwind?

Based on this, you will already have an idea of what you will need to create your own relaxation area at home. For example: if you practice yoga or meditation you will definitely need a suitable mat. If you love reading, you can't miss a bookcase, or even just a shelf. Is music your outlet? Then you will need a bluetooth speaker to connect to your smartphone. But if you have a vintage soul, this could be the perfect place to showcase a nice turntable and your vinyl collection.

Piante per angolo relax

In any case, one thing that everyone agrees is that green helps to relax. Whether you're a fan of the urban jungle or have a green thumb, there is sure to be a solution to suit you, from the small succulent plant (which needs little care) to a series of ground and hanging pots to fill the garden with greenery. your home relaxation corner. If you have a bit of a boho soul, a great alternative are the bouquets of dried flowers hanging from the ceiling, to be combined with crystals, dream catchers and bells.

If you are not sure which corner of the house to place your relaxation area, ask yourself at what time of day you are likely to want to take refuge there and evaluate the exposure of your rooms. The sun is a source of vitamin D and, therefore, of well-being: unless you prefer to relax in the evening, choose a well-lit room.

And speaking of lighting: let's not forget the candles! As we already told you, decorating with candles helps to create an atmosphere and their soft light does not tire the eyes, unlike artificial light (and if you choose scented you can take advantage of the relaxing effect of aromatherapy). To give your relaxation corner an even more suggestive aspect, choose beautiful lanterns or a design candle holder: they furnish the room with little effort and immediately give it a more refined look. If you don't know which lanterns or candle holders to choose, you can always take a look at the collection you find in our store!

Angolo relax con candele

And now let's move on to practical advice: if you have a large house and want to allocate an entire room to the relaxation mission, read the following paragraph. If, on the other hand, you want to know how to set up a small relaxation area in a common room, such as the living room or study ... skip to the next one!

Setting up an entire relaxation room at home: the colors and materials to be preferred

If you are lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire room in the house to relaxation, then you won't have to deal with space problems. Not only that: you can choose exactly what aspect to give to the room, without worrying about "distorting it" or removing functionality from the environment. This relaxation room will truly be your kingdom!

Colori e materiali per stanza relax

For starters, stay away from too bright colors: shades like red or yellow are cheerful and are perfect for the kitchen or dining room, but are not suitable for relaxing because they can over-excite the brain. Better to focus on cold and deep colors like blues and greens or, even better, soft and neutral colors, like beige and powder pink. Contrary to popular belief, pure white is not the best option for relaxation because it is too "clean": if you don't want to give up total white, choose a softer and warmer shade, such as ivory or cream.

And now let's move on to the materials for your relaxation room. Do you have parquet at home? Perfect: you already have an excellent starting point because wood is warm, natural and comfortable and our brain associates it with relaxing sensations. Otherwise, go ahead for soft rugs, even overlapping: the environment will immediately have a softer look. Carpets and upholstery also have a sound-absorbing function: if you live with someone else and you love to play in moments of relaxation, making the room soundproof is certainly a great idea!

How to furnish a relaxation room at home: which furniture to choose

Arredamento di una stanza relax

The great thing about having an entire relaxation room in your home is that you can indulge yourself with the furniture without worrying about space.

If you love to read, then, you can cover an entire wall with bookcases and surround yourself with all your favorite readings: why not? If in moments of relaxation you like to devote yourself to some hobbies - sculpture, painting, knitting ... - then you can arrange in your relaxation room a work table, a nice comfortable chair and a chest of drawers in which to store the material once you have stopped to use it. This also applies to sports equipment, if your favorite way to relax is to take care of your body: a cabinet in which mats and small tools disappear is always useful, because an orderly environment is first of all restful for the eyes.

Altalena per stanza relax

Finally, let's move on to the best part: the one where you lie down for a well-deserved moment of relax! Since you have an entire room at your disposal, you don't have any restrictions: a sofa, a nice armchair, a chaise-longue ... if you like, even a hammock or a swing! It is your relaxation room and there are no rules, if not yours. The important thing is to always favor comfort: relaxing on a beautiful but uncomfortable armchair is a bit difficult, isn't it?

How to create a small relaxation area at home: in the bedroom, in the living room, on the veranda...

And for those who don't have an entire room to devote to rest? No fear! You can also create a relaxation area in the house by taking advantage of small corners.

Angolo relax in camera da letto

Never before has the choice of location been so crucial as in this case. Yes, because if relaxing in a small part of your home is one thing ... being able to isolate yourself in the middle of the living room or the corridor is a different matter!

Take care, therefore, to choose well the place in which to place your relaxation area. The more it will be a secluded niche, the easier it will be for you to rest! In the bedroom as in the study, in a sitting room or on a beautiful veranda, the ideal is to find a corner near a window or where two walls meet. A spacious windowsill will also do just fine.

Angolo relax in balcone

To ideally separate your relaxation corner from the rest of the house, first of all choose a nice carpet that helps you to limit the boundaries also visually. And if you manage to use a divider, you've done bingo: usually booths are used, but a piece of furniture or a shelf is fine too. There is no need to erect a real "wall": a light element, such as a curtain or potted plants hanging from the ceiling, will still optically create a "division" that will help you isolate yourself and relax to the maximum.

Relaxation area at home: how to best furnish and decorate it

How do you furnish a relaxation area in a corner of the house? We will probably not have an endless space available, so we must make a virtue of necessity and choose contained but functional furniture.

An excellent solution is that of the armchairs on the ground: small, easy to move and very comfortable (try to believe!), They will help you to set up a respectable relaxation corner even in "mini" environments. To be placed strictly on a nice soft carpet. In our store you will find a series of meditation chairs that are also perfect for placing in the living room or to complete your relaxation corner: if you don't know which seat to choose, these floor armchairs will surprise you with all their comfort!

Poltrone a terra per angolo relax

To complete your relaxation area at home, focus on small and multipurpose furniture: a contained bookcase that also acts as a room divider; a cabinet with drawers in which to store books and candles and, at the same time, place a cup of tea; a storage pouf to store blankets and pillows when you are not around. Necessity sharpens ingenuity!

Finally, if for reasons of space you don't really have the possibility to always keep your corner dedicated to well-being equipped, don't be discouraged: get a storage unit with wheels, like a trolley, and use it to store the bare minimum (a blanket, a comfortable pillow, a book, a candle). If necessary, it will help you to set up a relaxation area in record time in any corner of the house. And, when it's time to put everything back in place, just put the trolley against a wall: zero footprint, maximum yield!

And now that you know how to create a relaxation corner at home... Have fun (and good rest!)


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