How to decorate home on Valentine's Day! 5 romantic ideas

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Are you running out of ideas this year? Read our ideas and find out how to decorate your home for Valentine's Day with an original and romantic touch!

Dear lovers, we are finally here: the most passionate day of the year is approaching! And true romantics know this, it is never too early to start devising some nice surprises. For this reason we decided to give you 5 ideas for romantics to decorate your home on Valentine's Day and amaze your partner!

Why limit yourself to book the restaurant or choose the gift? Unleash your imagination to transform the house into a love nest. In this way the whole day will be very romantic, with many small surprises that will accompany you and your better half from waking up to the time to say goodnight.

A sweet awakening: decorate the bedroom for Valentine's Day

What if you made a surprise to your love by decorating the bedroom for Valentine's Day? If you are not too light sleepy, try to surprise him when he wakes up. How? Organizing a romantic picnic for breakfast...directly in the room!

Start by buying or preparing your favorite breakfast pastries the day before. You will then need rugs, blankets and pillows: yes, because table and chairs are banned! While your partner is still sleeping, have fun decorating the bedroom by setting up a soft boho-chic corner directly on the ground, taking care to embellish it with fresh flowers and lights.

Picnic boho-chic per San Valentino

Photo by Stylish Picnics

You could also build a fort of blankets, like those that are made by children: it will be like getting back together. A tray to serve breakfast et voila: the first surprise of the day is served!

Balloons and hearts: all the red in you!

Needless to turn around: red is a warm, intense, enveloping color ... in short, it is the most passionate color there is. Why not decorate the house for Valentine's Day by using red with full hands? Here are your allies: balloons and hearts!

Some ideas for decorating a house on Valentine's Day with balloons

Decorare casa con i palloncini a San Valentino

Have you ever thought of giving a truly original touch to your home by using many, many red balloons? The effect will be long as you follow some precautions. Decorating the house with balloons, on Valentine's Day, is a choice that does not want half measures. Don't settle for a little: think big!

Do you know the children's birthday parties, with many balloons of different colors that bounce on the floor? Here: this is the effect we don't want to recreate. Rather, imagine an aerial composition, with the ceiling of your room entirely covered with balloons. Now yes, let's start thinking!

Decorare la camera con i palloncini a San Valentino

How to do? The important thing is to inflate the balloons with helium. It's the only way to keep them in the air, ensuring the desired effect. You can leave them free against the ceiling and apply cascading red ribbons to the tail: the glance will be wonderful. Or you could tie cards, photos and packages to the ribbons, giving the balloons a bit of counterweight: in this way they will remain anchored to the ground (our advice is to place them on the bed) and just adjust the length of the ribbons for the balloons to season upward.

Cornice camino decorata con palloncini e cuori

Another idea: if you have a fireplace (or even a fireplace frame!) Use it as a base for your composition, alternating between red and transparent balloons or in the shape of an inscription. There are no rules: room for imagination!

Decorate your home with hearts, a classic to amaze!

What if I tried to decorate the house for Valentine's Day by creating many paper hearts? If you like to cut and paste, this is the solution for you. But don't just stick them on the wall: use them to organize a real treasure hunt!

Decorare casa con i cuori a San Valentino

Imagine that the hearts are the "tracks" that will accompany your partner towards his gift. Make many red cardboard hearts and scatter them in a trail that starts from the entrance floor and goes up along the walls (I recommend, to attach them use a product that does not ruin the plaster!). The trail will cross the whole house and stop right above the package, which must be semi-open: in this way it will seem that the hearts come out from there. Cute, right?

For a more visually pleasing effect, try alternating hearts of different sizes and make sure that your composition does not follow a straight line but, rather, a wavy path. As if I had to draw a trail of perfume. Here, by the way: sprinkling a little of your perfume on the cardboard, before cutting it out, will make everything even more magical. Try it and let us know how it goes!

Irresistible atmosphere: an idea to furnish the bathroom on Valentine's Day

How nice would it be to have a spa in the bathroom? Imagine the scene: after a long day of work, go home and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of a wellness center. Music, candles, aromatherapy...

In reality it is not that difficult to set up a home wellness area. If not every day, why not at least for the most romantic party of the year? Think what a nice surprise for your love!

Decorare il bagno a San Valentino

Here is everything you need to decorate the bathroom on Valentine's Day:

1) Relaxation mission! Prepare a wellness kit with nice wooden boxes: a towel, a perfumed oil, colored bath your bins on a cabinet near the bathroom entrance to welcome your partner. It will be an irresistible cuddle.

2) Rose petals. A great classic! Fill the bathtub with hot water and sprinkle the surface with red, pink and white petals: they always make their appearance!

3) Another great must is to decorate the bathroom with candles: on Valentine's Day they certainly cannot be missing. The watchword is to exaggerate: light lots of them! On the ground, on the edge of the tub, on shelves and window sills...You will create a magical and suspended atmosphere, very suggestive.

4) To finish: music! Do not feel obliged to choose the classic relaxing music from Spa: rather, make a playlist of the most loved songs by your partner. It will be a highly appreciated gesture, because you will show that you know his tastes well.

And now that you know how to decorate the bathroom for Valentine's Day, let's move on to the next step!

You and I! Your photos together to decorate the wall

Decorare una parete con le foto per San Valentino

If you are looking for an idea that really affects your partner, focus on the memories. How about decorating your home for Valentine's Day using your photos together?

For a truly wow result, create a sort of curtain against the wall: hang many ribbons on the ceiling, print the photographs in polaroid format and create a romantic composition. You can enrich the whole with light threads, or alternating photos and dried flowers: in any case, the final effect will be very spectacular. And if you really want to melt your better half, write something nice behind each photo: a thought, a memory, a verse of your favorite song.

Little time and little manual skills? Here is a cue to decorate the house which is also a very valid gift idea: a multi-photo frame. Let them find it hanging, already filled with your best shots. But leave the last space empty: that is for the photo you will take on the same evening!

A romantic DIY idea: the Valentine's day centerpiece with flowers and candles

Centrotavola fai-da-te per San Valentino

Who said that a restaurant evening is the best program for Valentine's Day? Organizing a dinner at home can be much more intimate, romantic and suggestive. It doesn't matter if you are not Carlo Cracco, cooking for someone is a gesture of love that always conquers (even if the tart came out a little scorched). What you can't go wrong, however, is the mise en place: a nice table will do 50% of the work.

Call it professional deformation, but we have a soft spot for Valentine's Day centerpieces in shabby chic style. The beauty is that you can use objects that you already have at home, such as glass jars. Apply some hot glue along the edge and cover with two turns of twine, to be stopped then with a small knot.

Candele per San Valenti

If you like the genre you can add jute, buttons or macramé lace. Repeat the procedure on all the jars (if they are of different sizes, all the better!) And then have fun filling them: candles, flowers, sprigs of red berries, battery lights, colored pebbles ... The only rule to follow is the your personal taste. Arrange them in the center of the table, taking care to make them stand out on the tablecloth: the base can be a round doily, a fabric runner, or a "slice" of tree trunk.

Have you seen how easy it is to decorate your home on Valentine's Day? We have given you ideas, but now it's your turn! Tell us how you decided to set up your nest for the most romantic day of the year by leaving a comment on this article!


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