5 tips to take care of the decor of a country house

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A collection of practical tips that are easy to put into practice to take care of the furnishings of a country house, from furniture to decorations!

Owning a house outside the city is the dream of a drawer for everyone, a rustic to be used as a holiday home for the summer (or, why not, to live there all year round!). But you know, dreaming costs nothing, so today we want to offer you a guide to take care of the furnishing of a country house in the smallest details!

Let's start from the basic idea: when we think of country houses we immediately imagine relaxing bucolic atmospheres, the smell of wheat, the sound of the wind...All sensations that we can recreate thanks to a welcoming, rustic and "warm" decor. After all, furnishing a house in the country is a bit like reviving the memories of the homes of our grandmothers, perhaps with some modern "breaking" detail or detail so as not to weigh down the environment too much and create a stylistic amalgam of sure effect.

In short, if you are looking for ideas to transform your country house into a dream nest, here are five tips for you to take care of the furniture!

The materials to choose: wood is the real protagonist!

Materiali per arredare casa di campagnaSource: Pinterest

As always, we start with the most suitable materials for decorating a country house. Well, here you can be on the safe side: wood must be the great protagonist of the house! From the furniture to the exposed beams for the ceiling, passing through the floor and all the furnishings, wood contributes to creating a welcoming and decidedly rustic environment, just what you need when you think about the furnishing of a country house.

To lighten the atmosphere of the house a little, you can use alternative materials such as iron or stone, obviously dosed carefully and without leaving anything to chance. A rough stone wall will look great in the kitchen or bathroom (alternatively you can always use a beautiful wallpaper to recreate the effect of a rough wall), while for tools and accessories we recommend you prefer iron or the burnished metal. All very useful materials to furnish a country house and recreate the atmosphere of the past.

The most suitable furniture for the furnishing of a country house

Mobilio per casa di campagna

Wood is also the preferred material for the choice of furniture for a country house! Try to imagine old grandmothers' houses: a chest, an old sideboard, kitchen cabinets...What do these furnishings have in common? Wood left in its natural state, even better if with dark shades to give the house "warmth".

In our online store you will also find a series of multipurpose cabinets in a country chic and rustic style, versatile and inexpensive furnishings to complete the furniture for country houses, like this small sideboard you see in the photo above. Wicker drawers and baskets covered in fabric accentuate the rustic atmosphere of the house while adding a note of lightness to the furniture!

Collect old objects and accessories to decorate your home in the countryside

Decorazioni per case di campagna

The country houses are the realm of memories and a lifestyle light years away from the city frenzy. That's why among the ideas to furnish it better, old objects and accessories transformed into decorative elements cannot be missing, even better if they belong to our grandparents or if found in antique markets.

A coffee grinder, colored porcelain dishes, an old teapot transformed into a flower holder...transforming old objects into small decorative memorabilia is the quintessence of the furnishings of a country house.

Idee per case di campagnaSource: Pinterest

Cozy softness: textiles to be used in a country house

Tende e tessuti per case di campagnaSource: Pinterest

What is missing to complete the decor of your country house? Of course the right fabrics! Do not underestimate the importance of the textile elements: they add "consistency" to the environment and are real furnishing elements that become part of the set-up in all respects.

Among the most suitable textile elements for a rustic and welcoming decor, cotton and linen cannot be missing, as well as wool for the winter. Colors also have their own importance, in this case much depends on the declination of the furnishings: white and black work very well in a country house in a modern rustic style, while neutral colors such as gray or beige (or checkered in vichy) will best match with a more traditional country decor.

The super chic idea: create a tailoring corner in your country house!

Angolo vintage in casa di campagna

Finally, a small gem: a small domestic tailoring, a workstation dedicated to embroidery and sewing to complete the decor of the country house! To create an area of the house dedicated to your hobbies you just need a little imagination and a touch of comfort.

Of course, an old sewing machine you see in the picture would really be a touch of class. Between markets and old family memories often piled in the attic, however, it is possible to find some hidden gem like this, a jewel that will allow you to set up a corner of the house to dedicate to your passions, scenographic and perfect to make the decor of a home in even more authentic campaign!


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