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A practical and versatile cube-shaped black pouf, which can be used as a storage box or as a seat in a bedroom or in a modern living room. Functional and elegant.

22.99 EUR

A faux leather container pouf is already an addition of style to the house, whether it is a living area or a sleeping area. Then if we talk about a white pouf ... the non plus ultra of elegance!

39.99 EUR

Not just a black, comfortable and padded pouf, but also an eco-leather container pouf. Practical as a storage box, comfortable as a seat ... beautiful as a piece of furniture!

39.99 EUR

What to choose between a long ottoman, a beige pouf or a container pouf? But of course all three! A comfortable lounge pouf, which can be used both as a multiple seat and as a storage box.

39.99 EUR

A padded red pouf and eco-leather, perfect as a space-saving or storage container! It can also be used as a seat to complete the decor of a modern living room.

39.99 EUR

An elegant cube-shaped storage pouf in turquoise blue, ideal if you want to complete a marine or atlantic style decor! A practical, versatile and space-saving folding accessory.

21.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 24 of 28 items


Storage poufs are one of our most popular items! Why? Because it is a versatile and useful product throughout the house, as well as always colorful and able to furnish with little.
A pouf can be used as a container, a very valuable ally for keeping the house tidy and keeping children's magazines, books or toys safe from dust. A glove that, once closed and folded on itself, will take up very little space.
But our padded poufs are perfect to use as an alternative to the more classic stools or chairs, a comfortable and original seat, very useful in case of unexpected guests.
Among our proposals you will find lots of cheap and comfortable poufs, to match any style of furniture!


Have you already browsed our catalog? Our collection of poufs is able to satisfy any need or need! Among our poufs you will find models with matelassé effect quilted cover, decorative buttons or poufs with more essential lines and simpler color shades.
Choose a square pouf if you want something small and manageable, while if you want to use it as a bench you can opt for a long pouf. In both cases you can choose from many different colors to match the style you prefer.


A pouf is an ideal piece of furniture for the living area and to embellish the living room. A cube pouf can also be transformed into a comfortable footrest to be placed in front of the sofa for maximum relaxation, while a long pouf is perfect to use as a bench (in this case it will also be an excellent decorative element for the entrance of home).
Thanks to its versatility, a pouf is actually the perfect accessory for the sleeping area! In the bedroom you can use it to store dirty clothes and to be used in the laundry, or you can place it at the foot of the bed as a decorative element.
Discover our beautiful poufs now and give yourself a practical and colorful accessory to use in every corner of the house!