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Blue stool beanbag with 3 flared feet in modern style - RE6299 - Mobili Rebecca®


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A blue stool pouf: the three flared feet make it an excellent example of Scandinavian style, and you can combine it with a modern or maritime-inspired atmosphere!

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Rebecca stool is an ideal piece of furniture for those who love style and trendy accessories. It is characterized by three feet that support the seat. The seat has a soft padding covered in natural fabric. The coating has a work that recalls the ancient crochet work. It is a tricot pouf with shades of blue. It combines perfectly with a Scandinavian style décor. It is useful as a footrest to stretch out your legs when sitting on the couch. It is also comfortable as a small bedroom pouf. Positioned next to the headboard it is useful for resting magazines and mobile phones. A few simple steps are enough to assemble it. It is sufficient to fix the feet to the structure and the pouf is ready to be used.

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