How to paint fruit crates! Tutorial in 4 steps

How to paint fruit crates! Tutorial in 4 steps

Wooden crates are one of our great passions! Creative recycling is increasingly trendy, and if you're trying to learn how to paint fruit crates, well ... you've come to the right place!

Our friend Stefania "Fania_Heartmade" Martini gave us this simple tutorial to transform simple fruit boxes into small shabby chic recycling masterpieces! The decorated wooden boxes are a passepartout that you can use throughout the house, as well as in the garden or on the terrace.

There are many techniques of découpage or bricolage with wooden crates, a world of possibilities available to everyone. With a bit of manual skill and imagination you can create original decorations or really special gift ideas. Any examples? Stefania has already given us a practical tutorial to transfer photos and images on wood, and if you are looking for some more ideas we suggest you take a look at our guide to furnish your home with boxes: you will find a series of trendy ideas and for all pockets that will make your nest even more beautiful!

Ah, and don't forget that in our online store you can find a line of wooden boxes ideal for découpage or to decorate your home with creative do-it-yourself.

But now here for you the tutorial made by Stefania to learn how to paint fruit crates!

How to paint fruit crates: Stefania Martini's tutorial

Today I want to talk to you about an easy and immediate way to decorate a wooden box, a very simple technique that really suits everyone!

First start preparing the box you want to paint: you need to smooth the surface you have chosen to make it beautiful smooth and remove any wood imperfections. You can use a little bit of sandpaper and do this job by hand, but with a sander you'll definitely do it faster. Once this is done, you can start painting the surface of the cassette.

Print the image or design you want to report on the wood (look at the size!) And cut it out. Once this is done, pass a piece of chalk on the back of the sheet to color the entire surface. 

Place the sheet on the box and carefully review the contours of the image with a sharply pointed pen or pencil: the chalk will "transfer" the shape onto the surface of the wood and at the end of the work you will only have to use a damp cloth to erase the marks ! Convenient, don't you think? 

Begin to color the image following the contours defined by the chalk. An advice? Use acrylic colors and carefully choose the brushes, paying attention to the size and shape of the tip.

When finished, pass a coat of finishing varnish or vinyl glue for a polishing and protective effect. Et voila, here's the final result!

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