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LuckyPet Scratching Post Cat Beige Plush Training Relax Cathouse

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Height105 cm
Width45 cm
Depth45 cm
Weight11 kg
CompositionsMDF, sisal, peluche

The scracthing post is suitable for all those who own a cat. Cats, by instinct, need to scratch and file their nails. The scratching post favors the need for your cat to get fingernails anf he can Scratch the sisal surface will strengthen and shorten the nails. It will avoid ruining furniture and curtains. Moreover, your cat will use the scratch tool as a game tree. It will be able to jump and move between the various shelves developing the muscles and joints. The lower kennel will also allow it to rest DIMENSIONS: H 105 cm x W 45 cm x D 45 cm COLOUR: Beige ASSEMBLY: Use the supplied assembly kit and follow the graphic instructions MATERIAL: Sisal, Plush Mdf - Cod. LU8050

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