Decorating the wall behind the bed: 7 low cost and ingenious ideas

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Are you looking for some advice to decorate the wall behind the bed? We have collected for 7 low cost and intelligent ideas to embellish it with style and simplicity.

The wall behind the bed is a strategic point of the sleeping area: it immediately catches the eye and attracts guests' attentions. Decorating it with care is therefore important not only to make a good impression with those who come to visit you the first time, but also for yourself! The bedroom is the realm of intimacy and rest, and a self-respecting bedroom must be as functional as it is welcoming.

In this small guide we want to give you ideas to decorate the wall behind the bed and make it more beautiful and stylish. This is why we have collected 7 low-cost trend ideas for you, a series of useful and very simple little tips to put into practice to transform the appearance of the room in a flash. After all, embellishing the wall behind the headboard is also a way to renovate the bedroom without revolutionizing its furnishings and furnishings.

So how best to decorate the wall behind the headboard? Let's find out together!

Colors and murals to decorate the wall behind the bed!

Parete dietro al letto colorata

Painting the wall behind the bed is a simple and immediate solution to change the appearance of the room without spending too much money on new furniture. For a high-impact bedroom, paint the wall behind the bed in a warm or lively shade, but only that: leave the other walls of the room in white or in a different color to bring out the best surface behind the head of the bed.

The color you decide to use must naturally be "in contrast" with the color of the walls! In this way you can design the decoration of the wall behind the bed with a more creative touch, painting a strip or a portion of the wall or creating decorative patterns.

For an even more scenic wall behind the bed, try the striped painting! An idea to decorate the bedroom with a typically Parisian charm, a great little classic but that will also give you another advantage: the stripes increase the perceived width of the room and create a play of perspectives that will transform the look of the bedroom. really read in an instant.

Wallpaper, a great classic for the walls of the bedroom

Carta da parati per decorare la parete dietro al letto

The wallpaper is a timeless classic for wall decoration behind the bed! On the market you can find rolls of wallpaper in many colors and patterns, plus they are easy to use and allow you to make the walls even more beautiful with a really low cost.

Choosing the best wallpaper for your wall behind the headboard is a matter of personal taste and imagination, but don't underestimate the style of the room and the decor to decorate the room with a consistent background.

A few examples? A wallpaper with a minimal or geometric pattern will look great in a room furnished in a modern style, while a floral pattern will be an idea to decorate the wall behind the bed of a shabby chic room or to bring a breath of freshness to an area white and anonymous night. Or again, a majolica pattern will go well with an ethnic bedroom, while a wallpaper with prints of exotic plants will be the best if you want to create a very trendy "urban jungle" environment.

An art gallery in the room: the paintings behind the bed

Parete dietro al letto con quadri

If the wall behind the bed seems bare or too boring, a beautiful picture will be an excellent idea to embellish it without overdoing it! Of course, not everyone can afford very expensive works worthy of an art gallery. To furnish the wall behind the bed, you can also find pictures and canvases in second-hand markets...or you can draw them yourself!

As for the size, however, much depends on the white surface you have available: a single large picture to hang above the bed will be a decoration that will give character to the room by itself, while a composition of small canvases will create a mosaic effect of great impact.

Functionality and style: decorate the wall behind the bed with shelves

Arredare la parete dietro al letto con le mensole

The shelves above a double bed provide you with an extra support to decorate and help you furnish the wall behind the bed. Choose a shelf that covers the entire length of the headboard and hang it directly on the wall, or add a cabinet behind the bed for a comfortable shelf.

The shelves in the bedroom can also be used to replace bedside tables, a stylistic solution that often becomes a necessity if the room is small. Doing without shelves is really impossible! A table lamp, an alarm clock and your favorite books to read before falling asleep will always be at your fingertips.

How to decorate a bedroom wall with shelves? Use the shelves to place candles, plant pots or small frames. These are just some ideas for decorating the wall behind the bed, now it's up to you to free your imagination and make your room even more beautiful!

French elegance: decorate the wall behind the bed with a boiserie!

Boiserie in camera da letto

The boiserie is nothing more than a wall covering made of wood, a decorative element that can be carved, engraved or left in its natural state. As the name suggests, the boiserie was very popular in France in the seventeenth century and was used to decorate the interiors of aristocratic houses.

Today this piece of furniture is an original decoration for the wall behind the bed, as well as a good way to renew the appearance of the room without intervening with paints or plasterboard. The panels behind the bed are an excellent solution to draw attention to that wall, and with a beautiful boiserie you can make the room truly unique!

A boiserie in raw and slightly lived-in wood will look great in a seaside-style bedroom (or coastal, if you love romantic and lived-in atmospheres), better still if used to 'frame' an old wrought iron bed. If you are looking for a low cost and do it yourself idea, have fun transforming an old pallet into a boiserie to decorate the wall behind the bed and transform it into a jewel with a rustic charm!

All the charm of the boho-chic style to embellish the wall behind the bed

Parete dietro al letto con decorazioni boho

Do you want to give yourself a more eccentric bedroom with an exotic flavor? In this case the boho-chic style will be the best choice! It plays with materials, textures and colors to create an ethnic fascination setting above the bed: laces, paintings, bright colors and LED lights to hang are excellent ideas to make the sleeping area even more colorful and full of charm.

To decorate the walls of the bedroom in boho-chic style the first rule is that there are no rules! You can combine different styles in the decorations, taking inspiration from the Orient or the histrionic Maghreb atmospheres, but the important thing will be to have a sense of measure and create an airy and not too saturated setting to embellish your wall behind the bed.

How to decorate the wall behind the bed with photos ... and more!

Decorare la parete dietro al letto con foto e cornici

Among the low cost ideas to embellish the wall behind the bed certainly could not miss the photographs! Hanging photos in an original way is a great idea to make the walls of the house more alive, and the bedroom is certainly no exception. For an even more wow effect, have fun hanging LED lights and creating a path with your favorite shots.

Even alternating photographs with prints and posters allows you to decorate the wall behind the bed with sympathy and color. The important thing will be to follow a line and an idea for your installation. Dimensions, colors, even the impactful composition must be created by thinking about all these elements.

The format of posters and photos is not a secondary aspect: old photographs of a Polaroid, large color prints or black and white shots… to each his own style! Hang the photos on the wall behind the bed, or create a set of frames by simply placing them on a long shelf: many different ideas but all really effective to bring joy and warmth to your bedroom!

Did you like these ideas for decorating the wall behind the bed? Tell us what you think by writing a comment to this article!


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