6 ideas to recreate Provencal furniture in your home!

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Let's discover together the essence of Provencal furniture with a collection of ideas to recreate the magical atmosphere of the French countryside in your home!

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the countryside of southern France: expanses of lavender, landscapes that seem painted with watercolors, a light sea breeze...Provencal furnishings are born precisely in these lands, a set of lines, colors and decorations that allow you to recreate the dreamy atmosphere of Provence even in your home!

Furnishing a Provencal-style house is not difficult at all. In this short guide we will give you six ideas to bring a corner of Provence into your home, a series of tricks that will allow you to capture the spirit of this style of furniture and the atmosphere of the French countryside.

Wanting to simplify things a lot, we could say that a Provencal style house has many elements in common with the romanticism of shabby chic or with the rustic simplicity of country style (although there are also variations of style closer to modern than vintage), but this furnishing trend is much more than just a mix of other styles.

Are you curious to find out how to recreate a Provençal furniture in a workmanlike manner for your home? Let's get to work immediately!

1. Choose aged wood and raw stone for your Provencal decor

Arredamento provenzale - mobili in legno vissuto e anticatoSource: Pinterest

Let's start with the materials to be used to bring Provence into your home. And who is the great protagonist of Provencal furniture? Well, obviously the lived-in wood! Whether it's a cabinet, a small bench or exposed beams from the ceiling, antiqued wood is one of the essential elements to recreate the Provencal style in the home.

Raw stone and wrought iron are also used extensively in Provencal furnishings. The stone immediately gives that rustic and slightly rural charm that should never be missing in this style of furniture. If you don't feel like investing an important sum to make a stone cladding, don't worry: a wallpaper will be a decidedly cheap and effective alternative!

2. The most suitable colors for a Provencal house? Pastel and spring colors!

Arredamento provenzale - colori usatiSource: Pinterest

Let's talk now about the most suitable color palette to create a perfect Provencal decor. A bit like the shabby chic style, a dream Provencal house should favor pastel and dreamy colors, but with an extra chromatic element that really characterizes this style of furniture.

Did you know that lavender is a bit the symbol of Provence? That's why the color of this so fragrant plant has become over time the most used (and loved) shade by those who want to furnish a Provencal-style home! From furniture to accessories, obviously passing through the walls and fabrics, have fun combining lavender color with all its similar colors with some "brushstrokes" of milk white, beige and marine green. All natural, restful shades that characterize the fresh elegance of Provencal-style houses.

3. Choose decorated and pickled furniture to furnish in Provencal style

Arredamento provenzale - mobili decorati

Provencal-style furniture must convey a sense of lightness to the environment. Cabinets and sideboards are therefore the best choice to start setting up a Provencal house, even better if in pickled or antiqued wood and decorated with French writing or friezes.

If you are not sure how to choose the right furniture for you, take a look at the multipurpose cabinets in our online store: you will find furnishing elements decorated with writing and this small sideboard you see in the picture, a perfect addition to further enhance your plus your Provencal-style decor!

Wicker or natural fiber baskets and baskets are also a great classic for a house inspired by Provence: they make the environment "lighter", with a rustic and super welcoming flavor.

4. What about textiles? Linen and cotton for a fresh and airy Provencal house!

Tessuti per arredamento provenzaleSource: Pinterest

When it comes to choosing fabrics for your Provencal home, think of the rustic and welcoming atmospheres of French country houses. Linen and cotton are the most suitable textile elements for Provencal furnishings: fresh and natural, they contribute to creating a light environment and perfectly in harmony with the furniture of the house.

The colors are also important in the choice of fabrics: natural or in the various pastel shades, perfect both for curtains and for sheets, pillows and tablecloths. Remember: the password must be "lightness" in Provencal furnishings!

5. Fresh flowers, herbs and lavender to complete your Provencal decor

Arredamento provenzale - fiori

Flowers and plants must never be missing in a Provencal-style house! Nature and Mediterranean atmospheres are another unmistakable recognition of this furnishing trend, and this also applies to floral-themed decorations (but we will be back soon).

To further characterize your idea of Provencal furniture, you can choose fresh flowers or ornamental and aromatic plants. The latter will be very useful especially in the kitchen to perfume the room: thyme, rosemary, mint, basil ... fresh plants also essential for cooking!

But even when it comes to choosing flowers and seedlings, lavender is the true protagonist of Provencal furniture, the symbol of this region of France and that you can use fresh and planted in ceramic jars or dried in delicious fabric bags laid in wicker baskets.

6. The ideal decorations for a Provencal house? Inspired by the countryside!

Decorazioni per arredamento provenzaleSource: Pinterest

What is missing to complete your Provencal-style home? The right decorations! By now you will have understood: Provencal furniture has many elements in common with country style and shabby chic. It is therefore no coincidence that the most suitable decorative accessories to recreate the settings of the French countryside are vintage objects in enamelled metal such as this splendid jug transformed into a vase holder, but also old coffee grinders, vintage ceramics, wrought iron candelabra...

The possibilities are truly endless and with Provencal objects you are spoiled for choice, also because a lot also depends on the room you want to make more beautiful.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to furnish a Provencal-style home! Did you like these tips? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment to this article!


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