5 tips for a splendid Provencal bathroom

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A small guide with all the secrets to set up a perfect Provencal bathroom. Discover our tips and give yourself an oasis of refreshing relaxation at home!

A Provencal bath is an oasis of peace and refreshing serenity to recharge your energy after a long day at work, but it is also a corner of the house that manages to amaze thanks to the romantic and graceful details. A daydream? On the contrary: furnishing a toilet inspired by the atmospheres of the French countryside is much simpler than you think!

In this short guide we have collected a series of tips for decorating a Provençal bathroom in a workmanlike manner. The basic principles to be followed are those that define Provencal furniture as "style", but the toilet is an environment of the house with a series of characteristics that determine our choices in terms of homedecor and furnishing elements.

Anyway, here is our collection of ideas for setting up a dream Provencal bathroom!

The material of a Provencal bathroom? The wood!

Materiali da utilizzare in un bagno provenzaleSource: Pinterest

Let's start with the materials to furnish a Provencal bathroom, and let's say immediately that the aged and aged wood should never be missing in a toilet inspired by this French style. Provence is a region dominated by the countryside and vintage atmospheres. The pickled wood is therefore the element that distinguishes a Provencal bathroom, from the furniture to the exposed beams of the ceiling.

Of course, ceramic and burnished metal are also perfect materials for Provencal-style bathrooms. Choose them for decorative accessories and you'll be on the safe side!

Candid and restful freshness: the most suitable colors for a Provencal bath

Colori per un bagno provenzaleSource: Pinterest

The bathroom is the room in the house that we reserve for our moments of relaxation and intimacy. The color palette we choose to set up the toilet also contributes to creating the right relaxing atmosphere, and the best solution for a Provencal bathroom is undoubtedly the use of pastel colors.

Pale blue, beige, even a light taupe color ... all well balanced with neutral shades. The choice of colors for a Provencal-style bathroom concerns both the walls and the floor, but without neglecting the decorative elements. Finally, a chromatic element that really makes the difference in a bathroom inspired by the countryside of Provence is the lavender color! The symbol of the region, a floral motif that you can use to decorate tiles or wall tiles.

How to choose furniture for a Provencal style bathroom

Mobili per bagno in stile provenzale

At the beginning of this guide we had explained to you that antiqued wood is the great protagonist of a Provencal bathroom, and this also applies to the furniture and furnishing accessories you will choose!

The Provencal-style bathrooms are characterized by a retro and country atmosphere, and the most suitable furniture is therefore wall units, old cabinets and display cabinets of the past, even better if equipped with wicker baskets to create a "light" atmosphere. Even a column cabinet like this that you see in the picture will make a difference in your Provencal bathroom: choose furniture with delicate shades and decorated with writing or prints and your toilet will become a dream!

Don't you know how to orient yourself in the choice? Among the multipurpose cabinets in our online store you will also find a series of Provencal-style bathroom furniture, a selection of elegant and perfect column cabinets and cabinets to furnish a stylish toilet!

Complete the decor of the Provencal toilet with a bathtub!

Bagno provenzale con vascaSource: Pinterest

And here is the symbol of a Provencal bathroom worthy of the name: the bathtub! What's better than a perfumed bath to get away from everyday stress and indulge in relaxation?

The bathtub distinguishes the Provencal style bathrooms and embellishes the environment with that retro style that can never be missing when you decide to furnish your home in this style. The shower cubicle would in fact be too "modern" and not in line with the characteristics of a Provencal bathroom. The bathtub is instead the icon of relaxation and can be embellished with plants and candles to create an irresistible atmosphere.

Full decor: accessories for your Provencal style bathroom

The mirror, an indispensable piece of furniture!

Bagno in stile provenzale con specchioSource: Pinterest

Impossible to do without a mirror in a Provencal bathroom! Why? First of all, mirrors are essential accessories to increase the perceived depth of the room, especially if combined with chandeliers and an adequate lighting system.

In the Provencal-style bathrooms, the mirrors are not simple decorative accessories, but are transformed into real furnishing elements. As for shapes and sizes, you are really spoiled for choice, but our advice is to choose vintage or "vintage" mirrors to accentuate the Provencal atmosphere of the room.

The do-it-yourself touch for your Provencal bathroom: an old wooden staircase!

Bagno provenzale con scalaSource: Pinterest

An old aged wooden staircase is an original and decorative accessory that will make a great impression in a Provencal bathroom! Use it as a towel rack or as a support to hang baskets for soaps, beauty products or (why not?) small pots for plants. A do-it-yourself alternative to shelves or wall cabinets to decorate your Provencal-style bathroom.

Glass bottles and iron cups: the perfect decorative accessories for your bathroom

Boccette di vetro e decorazioni per bagno provenzale

The glass jars are perfect accessories for a Provencal-style bathroom, small containers that you can safely recycle and use instead of the classic glass for toothbrushes and toothpastes, or use them as containers for cotton swabs or more.

Jars are also a great alternative to classic seedling pots, but glass isn't the only possible alternative. Wrought iron is another perfect material for making containers that will become an integral part of the decor of your Provencal bathroom!


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