Paulonia wood, a material that respects the environment

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We know better the Paulonia, the plant that gives us the wood with which we build most of our furniture. A light, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly material!

Paulonia wood is the most used material in the production of our furniture: a good 70% of Rebecca products are made of this material. The roots of its history (it is appropriate to say that!) Sink far back in time, since the Paulonia has been used for centuries in Japanese cabinet-making. In Paulonia's cabinets, the most precious objects were kept, such as silk kimonos and musical instruments. And not by chance. La Paulonia is still little known, but it is gaining ground thanks to its many qualities.

Have you ever seen one? The scientific name is Paulonia Tormentosa. Never was a word less apt: the Paulonia in bloom, with its splendid lilac shades, is a vision that gives a great sense of peace. A characteristic that makes it very appreciated also as a garden plant. Obviously it is not for this reason (although we will return later on its appearance) that we have chosen Paulonia wood for our furniture. The reasons are quite different. Let's find out which ones!

Paulonia wood: very light but resistant!


Some technical details. One cubic meter of this wood weighs 300 to 400 kg. Do they look like a lot? Then we tell you another thing: for most timber, the weight of a cubic meter is close to one ton. It means that Paulonia wood weighs less than half the average, if not even a third. Nevertheless, it has considerable resistance. Which translates into lightweight furniture to carry but suitable for supporting heavy weights.

An insulating and sound-absorbing wood

Mobili Rebecca - legno di Paulonia

Another aspect that is somewhat overlooked in the choice of materials for the home is that of the insulating properties. Especially from a sound point of view. Here, then, is another reason why we have chosen to use Paulonia wood for our furniture: it is highly soundproof. A room in which it is present in this material will be much more soundproofed, improving the quality of home life. But we are also talking about thermal and electrical insulation, two characteristics that should never be underestimated.

Paulonia, a plant against waste and environmentally friendly


Here comes the beauty, the reason that makes us most proud to use this wood. The cultivation of the Paulonia requires reduced spaces and its growth is extremely fast. What does it mean? That the Paulonia can harvest up to seven times higher than trees like poplar or willow. It means high productivity that limits waste to the maximum.

But that's not enough: Paulonia wood is environmentally friendly! Its compact fronds keep the shadow, so the soil remains free from weeds. And its foliage welcomes many different species of insects, promoting biodiversity.


For all these reasons, Paulonia wood has proved to be the most suitable material for our furniture. From processing to sale, without intermediate steps: this, in addition to the high productivity of the Paulonia, allows us to reduce costs and present a product with a competitive price.

From the use of this wood our furniture is born, resistant and extraordinarily light! Would you like to know more? Take a tour of the site and discover our products!


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