Green is beautiful! A guide to natural-style furniture

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Do you also love cozy, bright houses with a green soul? Discover all the secrets of natural-style furniture in this guide!

Do you want to bring the colors of nature into your home? Natural-style furniture is the one for you! In recent years, the issue of environmental sustainability has become central in our lives, and this also applies to interior design.

Furnishing a home in a natural style is therefore much more than a simple trend because it means paying attention to a lifestyle oriented towards respect for the environment and ecology. Natural-style furniture is actually a furnishing trend that "steals" many traits from other styles: modern design, attention to detail and an eye for what are the key elements of the Nordic style. All this, of course, in a green perspective.

Have we tickled your curiosity? Here is a mini guide to natural-style furniture, a series of inspirations to create a comfortable and airy setting!

All the charm of wood for your natural-style furniture

Bagno arredato in stile naturaleSource: Pinterest

What's more green and ecological than wood? For a natural style furniture in a workmanlike manner this is the material to be preferred, even better if not treated and left (in fact) natural. From shades to dark ones, from cherry to oak ... there are no limits to the use of wood for furniture and furnishing accessories, as well as for building materials.

Wood also becomes a decorative element thanks to its veins and knots, ideal for accentuating the minimalism and spontaneity of natural-style furnishings. Furthermore, as per Scandinavian tradition, untreated wood accentuates the brightness of the rooms even more and contributes to creating a light and relaxing atmosphere in the home.

But not only wood lives a house furnished in a natural style! To create harmonious and dynamic contrasts you can also use different materials. Here are which!

Sinuous textures and natural textures: choose wicker and rattan baskets

Arredamento natural con viminiSource: Pinterest

Rattan is a green material and able to make a difference in a natural style house! Better still if combined with wicker elements. Baskets and baskets, a few comfortable seats, a magazine rack ... these two materials can be chosen as much for furnishing accessories as for accessories and are very useful to give movement to a natural furniture with light and sinuous textures.

Remember, in fact, that furnishing in a natural style also means creating lightness in the home, and with rattan and wicker you can break the austerity of the wood and add a note of dynamism to the house.

Make the most of your natural-style furniture with wooden logs!

Arredamento in stile naturale con ceppi di legno

Wood is the most important material for a natural-style furniture, but if you want to add a truly personal touch to your home try to place some wooden stump instead of the classic furnishings! A small trunk can replace a stool and can also be used instead of the classic bedside table. An extra note of style for the home and an addition with an absolutely green flavor!

Natural-style furniture and plants, a winning combination!

Arredare in stile natural con le pianteSource: Pinterest

Let's face it: flowers, plants and seedlings can never be missing to characterize a natural-style decor. After all, furnishing with plants is much more than a fashion: green is the color of nature par excellence, it gives the house airiness and freshness and makes the rooms more welcoming and relaxing. And it looks really good everywhere, from the living room to the sleeping area!

Mobili in stile natural

In a nature-themed furniture, green plants can enter the house in many different ways. A themed wallpaper, for example, is a solution for everyone to give new life to a wall, but prints and decorations with floral or vegetable motifs also work very well. Look at this small chest of drawers: it will integrate perfectly into a natural-style house!

Bright lightness: linen in houses decorated in a natural style

Arredare in stile naturale: tessuti e coloriSource: Pinterest

The natural-style furniture is characterized by a feeling of well-being and comfortable brightness. The fabrics are therefore important: the right textures and textures of the textiles help to lighten the home environment. And for a house furnished in a natural style there is nothing more suitable than linen!

Linen is a light and raw-looking natural fiber, very pleasant to touch and which comes in white or gray. Consistency and colors are therefore the perfect match for a light and bright natural-style furniture at the same time.


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