A refreshing dip: furnish the bathroom in a marine style

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Do you want to feel on holiday all year round? Bring the summer into your home by decorating the marine style bathroom with our collection of tips and inspirations!

The marine style bathroom is your oasis of peace and well-being to disconnect a little from the stress of everyday life and give yourself a refreshing dip in a room with marine colors!

The bathroom is in fact the room to dedicate to pleasure and relaxation: a beautiful regenerating bath, scented candles and a relaxed environment... But wouldn't you like to bring the holiday and summer atmospheres directly to your home?

Arredo bagno stile mareSource: Pinterest

Well, if the answer is "yes", here is the solution: with the marine style you can treat yourself to summer at home all year round, and this also applies to the bathroom!

In this guide, we will give you some tricks to furnish the bathroom in a marine style and enjoy the marine atmosphere even if you live in the city. Of course you can take advantage of these inspirations even if you are lucky enough to own a beach house and want to furnish it for the holidays!

Discover our tips for setting up a dream sea-style bathroom!

Coastal atmospheres at home: wood and glass to furnish your bathroom in a seaside style

Bagno in stile mare: i materialiSource: Pinterest

What are the materials to be preferred for a marine style bathroom worthy of the name? We advise you to focus on wood and glass creating a well balanced mix.

Wood is an indispensable material for furnishing a house in a seaside style, and this is also (and above all) true for the bathroom, perfect for creating a natural and very "fisherman's cabin" effect. In a marine style bathroom, wicker baskets and containers or old wooden crates should never be missing: they will give the room a light touch without weighing down the furniture and at the same time original!

If you love atmospheres dominated by aged wood, you can always add a touch in coastal style, the most romantic and shabby chic version of marine furniture: choose pickled wood for cabinets or accessories, a simple but brilliant idea to recreate the salt effect in your marine style bathroom.

Accessori in vetro per bagno marinoSource: Pinterest

And the glass? Well, it is an essential material for a marine style bathroom: bottles and jars are excellent decorative elements (both natural and painted in blue), but you can also use them to create nice accessories for your marine bathroom, such as the originals jars for cotton buds you see in the picture above!

Colorful summer freshness: the marine style bathroom palette

Colori per bagno in stile marinaroSource: Pinterest

The most suitable colors for a seaside style bathroom? Well, absolutely white and blue in all its shades! The marine style is characterized by a summer color palette, refreshing and aquatic: for this reason blue, turquoise or blue must never be missing.

Bagno in stile mare con carta da paratiSource: Pinterest

You can of course have fun breaking up the palette a bit with other colors. Green, for example, or even beige (excellent breaking element and to recall the colors of the sand). Even the brown of natural wood fits perfectly into a bathroom decorated in a marine style, as long as it is dosed carefully and without exaggerating.

Decorate the walls of your marine bathroom with shelves!

Bagno in stile marinaro con mensole biancheSource: Pinterest

Shelves, as we know, are always of great help when it comes to making the most of the walls of a room, and this also applies to environments that are usually small in size such as the toilet. How to choose the most suitable shelves for a seaside style bathroom?

To respect the color palette of marine furniture, choose white pickled wooden shelves, a bit like the ones you see in the photo above. Small shelves very useful to keep the bathroom in order or as a support for small naval or coastal themed decorations that will make your seaside style bathroom even more original!

From the beach to the house: decorate your marine bathroom with shells!

Decorazioni con conchiglie per bagno in stile mareSource: Pinterest

Seashells are the quintessence of the sea and cannot really be missing to embellish a marine style bathroom! Very easy to find, colorful and in many different shapes and sizes, they will change the look of the room in an instant and bring a breath of coastal freshness.

Bagno in stile marinaro decorato con conchiglieSource: Pinterest

If you love DIY, have fun creating squares or frames with shells, or you can create a wall composition to embellish your seaside style bathroom. Another idea even simpler but with a timeless charm? Use the shells to fill glasses and glass jars to place here and there in the bathroom and give yourself a toilet with a marine charm!

The navy detail: rope accessories for a seaside style bathroom

Accessori per bagno marinoSource: Pinterest

Finally, the ropes! A decorative element that distinguishes the marine style, very easy to use and always of great effect. How to make the most of them to recreate naval settings in your seaside style bathroom?

In the photo above you will find a really nice DIY idea: use ropes to create original towel racks in your marine bathroom, or attach them to the ceiling to create a suspended composition with a navy charm.

As you can see, decorating a marine style bathroom is not that difficult. With the right attention to detail and a few interventions you can bring summer into the house and always feel on vacation!


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