Furnishing the living room: 6 elements to make it perfect

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What do you need to furnish the living room in an impeccable way? Here is a guide with the essential elements to set up a perfect living room!

The living room is one of the most "to live" rooms in the house, the room that welcomes our passions, relaxation and conviviality. Furnishing the living room therefore means telling something about us, our passions and our tastes in terms of furniture.

Respecting the style of the house is obviously essential when it comes to furnishing the living room, but with some care you can create a setting rich in style, functional and welcoming at the same time. And in this guide we want to present you a small list of essential elements to furnish the living room and make it perfect! a collection of furnishings and accessories that we believe should never be missing when you decide to furnish your living room regardless of style.

The sofa, the great protagonist of your living room!

Divano per arredare il soggiorno

The sofa is a bit of a symbol of relaxation and conviviality, and for this reason it becomes the great protagonist of the living room furniture.

When choosing a sofa for your living room, consider the colors and (above all) the dimensions carefully. An "L" or particularly large sofa is perfect for decorating a very large living room, but will risk suffocating the environment in a smaller room. If you do not have a large living room available, it is better to fold up on armchairs or alternative (but equally comfortable) seats for you and your guests.

Softness and functionality: furnish the living room with rugs

Arredare il soggiorno con i tappeti

Rugs are essential decorative accessories to furnish the living room, they add softness and color to the environment and are beautiful to look at. But not only that: with a carpet you can also ideally divide the living room spaces and create an even more orderly living area.

Placed in front of the sofa, the rug will create a "relaxation area" inside the living room, visually separated from the rest of the room. A touch of style and to furnish the living room in an even more orderly way! 

Bookcases in the living room to organize your favorite readings (and more!)

Arredo salotto con una libreria

What's better than reading a good book while sitting in your favorite armchair during the winter evenings? When it comes to furnishing the living room it is really difficult to do without a beautiful bookcase! It furnishes the room thanks to its simple presence and also allows you to show off your favorite readings, a detail that will tell a lot about you and your tastes to those who come to visit you for the first time.

The bookcases can also accommodate magazines, small memorabilia or a collection of records. Essential for decorating your living room with style and an excellent starting point for setting up your reading corner at home, an oasis of peace and tranquility to relax at your best!

All the decorative elegance of the coffee tables to furnish the living room

Tavolini per arredare il soggiorno

The coffee tables help to make the living room even more welcoming, add that touch of functionality that must never be lacking and (not least) are decorative pieces of furniture in all respects!

A coffee table to be placed in front of the sofa is a great interior design classic when it comes to furnishing the living room, but nothing prevents you from adding coffee tables to be placed next to the sofa itself or an armchair or even a small decorative console. In this way you can complete the living room setting by adding a personal touch and you will also have small extra surfaces to decorate as you wish.

Cozy elegance: all the charm of the fireplace (or a fake fireplace) in the living room

Arredare il soggiorno con un camino

The fireplace is much more than a piece of furniture! It heats the room (in every sense!) And is the great protagonist of the living room, able to attract guests' gazes and attentions. But that's not all: the fireplace can be enhanced in many different ways according to your tastes, adding style and character to the whole living room!

If you are not lucky enough to own a fireplace, take a look at the fireplace frames in our store: fake fireplaces capable of recreating the magic of real fireplaces, ready to be embellished as you wish to furnish the living room with an accessory capable of make the difference!

Green is beautiful! Furnish the living room with plants

Piante per arredare il salotto

Finally, the inevitable green touch! Plants are life, color, freshness ... A real panacea to furnish the living room and make it even more alive!

The plants in the house "clean" the air and decorate the room with vivacity. You can arrange them on the coffee table, on the ground, on a windowsill and even on a shelf alternating them with books and magazines. As if by magic, the whole living room will turn into a welcoming and perfect room to relax!


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