6 ideas to display photographs in an original way!

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A collection of ideas to expose your photographs in an original way and make a bare wall more beautiful with a personal and imaginative touch!

The photographs manage to give a personal touch to the house, making it immediately more "your" and welcoming. But wallpapering a wall with randomly arranged photos is not enough: style and imagination are needed, and today we want to tell you how to display photographs in an original way at home, a series of tricks to set up a wall with your favorite shots and make it even more beautiful!

Imagine setting up your house and finding a box with old photos. Leaving your best memories to pick up the dust or to fade is a real shame, don't you think? Not to mention the many photos that you took with your mobile phone or that you shared on Instagram. With a pinch of creativity you can transform your shots into a homedecor element! Like? Here is a collection of ideas to expose photos in an original and creative way and decorate the walls of your home!

1. To expose your photos in an original way...choose the right frame!

scegliere le cornici per le foto

Let's start with a "classic" idea that can still give you great satisfaction. What's better than a nice frame to hang photos on a wall? To expose the photos in an original way, get some particular shaped or colored frames and have fun choosing a composition that catches the eye.

If you decide to use frames of various colors, choose an arrangement that is coherent and creates a well-balanced color palette and that can best be combined with the color of the wall. And remember that in our store you will find a selection of multiple photo frames in many different formats and perfect for hanging photos on the wall in an original way!

2. Decorate a wall with photos with an imaginative bulletin board

Esporre foto in modo creativo con una bacheca

The bulletin board is a perfect support for decorating walls with photos, creating creative displays using also cardstocks, prints and much more. Also in this case you can expose your photographs in an original way using a particular and creative bulletin board such as an iron frame or an old wooden board: all the charm of creative DIY and recycled furniture!

Hanging photos using a bulletin board allows you to create truly varied compositions. You can place a letter near the photo of a loved one, or the ticket of your favorite concert near the photo of an exciting evening. Your best memories deserve to be valued at best!

3. A creative idea to expose the photos: get lights and clothespins!

appendere le foto con lucine e mollette

Esporre foto in casa con il fai-da-te

A creative idea to expose your photos and create a romantic and modern atmosphere at the same time. The lights are perfect for creating an even more comfortable environment and enhancing photos with a soft and scenographic light! In addition, thanks to the clothespins you can change the photos to be displayed in comfort, giving the room an always new look.

4. Display photographs in an original way to fill a white wall

Decorare una parete bianca con le foto
Photographs are always an excellent idea for decorating walls or for setting up an equipped wall, but displaying photos in an original way is also a great way to fill a white wall. It matters little whether it is a large wall, a narrow surface or a corner of the house: your shots will be a perfect piece of furniture!

Being a white wall you can have fun choosing the arrangement of your photographs according to your taste, but you can also alternate pictures with squares, posters, prints or other furnishing elements to create a dynamic setting. An even nicer solution for displaying your photos on a white wall is the use of washi tapes, colorful and imaginative tapes of Japanese inspiration, very trendy: they will bring an irresistible touch of color in the home by framing the photos with style!

5. Hang the photos on the wall with a creative collage

appendere le foto come un collage

Collage is an absolutely simple idea to create to expose photographs with imagination, and it does not foresee any limit to creativity. You can hang your favorite photos by creating a heart-shaped arrangement or following a geometric shape.

6. Twine, sticks and fantasy: exhibit photographs in an original way with the do-it-yourself!

riempire una libreria con gli oggetti

A DIY idea to expose your photographs in a creative way could not be missing! What do you need? A simple piece of wood, scissors and string. As you can see in this image below, you can hang the stick on the wall and create a truly unique and beautiful setting to see. And if you love the marine style you can decorate this original structure with a few shells, or use it to expose the photographs of your holidays or summer-themed shots.

Did you like these ideas? Send us photos of your installations or write a comment to this article to tell us how you chose to display your photographs!


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