How to match bedside tables to bed without making mistakes!

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How to best combine bedside tables with bed and enhance the sleeping area even more? Here are our practical tips for an aesthetic and functional set-up!

Matching the bedside tables to the bed is a key phase in the furnishing of the sleeping area! Are there two pieces of furniture that more than these characterize the bedroom? Let's face it: probably not.

Choosing the most suitable bedside tables to be placed next to your bed is not a trivial matter. The choice in terms of bedside tables is really very wide: shapes, colors, sizes...not to mention the styles. But how to choose the most suitable piece of furniture to be placed near the headboard?

The bedside table, the word itself says, is above all a cabinet that must be comfortable and practical, as well as spacious and capacious. The upper shelf must be able to accommodate a table lamp, an alarm clock, a few books and (why not?) Even small decorations, while inside the doors or drawers you can organize all your accessories.

But functionality is not everything: even the bedroom deserves the right attention in terms of style and elegance, and a perfect bedside table must integrate perfectly with the style of the room. You have to match it well to the bed to work on the aesthetics of the room, but also to combine wardrobe and bedside tables with intelligence is a good way to make the most of the sleeping area.

In our online store you will find many in many different sizes and styles, and to help you better in choosing your new cabinet we have decided to give you a series of ideas and tips to choose the bedside table that best suits your needs.

How to match the bedside tables to the bed to have all the comfort you need without sacrificing style? Here are the basic rules to follow in order not to be wrong!

Do you want to match a bedside table to the bed? Watch out for size!

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Let us guess: you recently moved house, you have to furnish your new bedroom and you have some doubts. Example: "how do I choose the bedside table that suits me best?". The first thing to do is to arm yourself with a meter, take the bed measurements and start evaluating the dimensions of your new bedside table!

The general rule is that the bedside tables must have the right height proportionate to the bed. Neither too high nor too low, the perfect sizes do not exist: the ideal bedside table is the one that allows you to reach out and have everything available. When choosing the height of the bedside table, look at the bed and choose your new piece of furniture accordingly, but also neglect the length and depth of this piece of furniture.

Imagine having a really small bedroom (or wanting to decorate the children's bedroom): there is not always enough space between the bed and the wall to insert a real cabinet. In this case you can replace the bedside tables with less bulky DIY alternatives that will allow you to customize the sleeping area even more.

Materials, shapes and colors...matching bedside tables with bed is also a question of style!

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Size isn't everything, of course! How many types of bedside tables are there on the market? As many, as many as the styles of furniture. So, how to match the bedside tables to the bed without losing sight of the aesthetics?

Let's say right away that a lot depends on your taste in interior design. If you love coordinated bedrooms choose bedside tables and chest of drawers in the same style and that integrate best with the style of the bed (and the room). A vintage bedside table will look great in a bedroom with a retro charm, while shabby chic bedside tables in delicate pastel shades and artfully antiqued will be the best choice for a romantic or Provencal bedroom.

If you want to combine bedside tables with a double bed you have several options at your disposal. A pair of identical bedside tables is the most obvious choice, especially for a coordinated bedroom, and in this case it tries to reproduce styles, colors and shapes by combining wardrobes and bedside tables, as well as small dressers or chests of drawers.

Ah, and don't forget that materials also contribute to creating harmony and coherence in the bedroom! If your bed is in wrought iron, choose a metal bedside table with a lived-in look to create a charming industrial-style room that will resemble New York lofts, while a rustic bedside table will be an excellent choice for a wooden bed in a country room chic.

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To set up a more eccentric and unconventional bedroom you can instead choose different bedside tables to complete the furnishings of the sleeping area. Colors, shapes and textures of these furnishing accessories add style and personality to the room, but always evaluate the combinations with the utmost care: even an original furniture must be designed with a certain criterion.

In short, you will have understood it: combining bedside tables with bed requires taste, imagination and an overall view that allows you to make the most of the room!


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