How to furnish your home with lanterns: 3 romantic ideas

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Are you wondering how to set the lanterns in the house to create a magical and intimate atmosphere? We offer you three romantic ideas to decorate the interiors with evocative settings!

Furnishing your home with lanterns means creating a dreamy atmosphere, a small oasis of relaxing pleasure to appreciate our moments of intimacy even more. At Christmas and during winter lanterns contribute to creating a magical environment, but these accessories are able to give you great satisfaction at any time of the year!

Today we want to give you three tips on how to arrange lanterns at home and create romantic and impressive installations! But don't forget that lanterns are also perfect furnishing accessories to furnish outdoor environments and make them even more welcoming.

Come sistemare le lanterne in casa

How to arrange lanterns in the home: everything you need to know

Do you know why lanterns are so special? Because thanks to the light of the candles you can create intriguing and pleasant light effects throughout the house! But before deciding on the room you want to decorate, we recommend that you keep some aspects in mind:

1. How to choose the right candles. The choice of candles affects the type of lighting you want to create. The dim light of classic wax candles is perfect for those who love fairy-tale atmospheres, while if you want to create a more minimal or creative context you can choose LED or electric lights and create more creative settings.

2. Look at the dimensions. When buying lanterns, think carefully about how you want to use them. Large lanterns are beautiful and scenic, much more suitable for creating floor, floor or stairway settings, while smaller models are more versatile decorative accessories, also suitable for rooms of reduced size or to be placed on shelves.

3. Material and style. Deciding to buy lanterns to decorate your home also means having an eye for style. And the material, in this case, is not a secondary detail. The wooden lanterns are accessories that go very well with a shabby chic or country atmosphere, while those in iron or metal also adapt to a more modern decor.

If you don't know which to choose, in our online store you will find a selection of decorative lanterns for your creative preparations! And if you need some ideas to understand how to best arrange them at home, is some romantic idea for you to furnish with lanterns!

Lanterns in the living room: soft and scenic light for the living area

Come arredare il salotto con le lanterne

Placing the lanterns in the living room means enhancing the living area with spectacular and absolutely irresistible light effects. Such as? Ground lanterns are useful for creating a setting around the sofa, ideal for enjoying the reading of a book with discreet lighting!

Lanterns are a must-have decorative accessory also to decorate your fireplace! You can place some small lanterns on the top shelf of the fireplace (an idea that is valid all year round, not just for Christmas), while if you have a fake fireplace, have fun setting up the interior with larger lanterns. The room will immediately seem different, much more interesting and intriguing!

Finally, you can create a centerpiece with a lantern decorated with flowers! In this case, let your imagination decide: fill the lantern with dried flowers or colored pine cones to create a decoration with a more autumnal flavor, while a setting with candles and fresh flowers all around will be a romantic detail to adorn your living room during the beautiful season.

How to place lanterns in a shabby chic bedroom

Come sistemare le lanterne in una camera shabby chic

Furnishing a bedroom with lanterns means adding a touch of romantic elegance, especially if your sleeping area is decorated in a shabby chic style! How can you make the most of these decorative accessories? Well, using lanterns instead of the classic bedside lamp is a really chic idea: you can place lanterns on the bedside table, or hang them on the sides of the headboard.

To create scenographic lighting points in the room we recommend using some lanterns from the ground and placing them in a strategic corner of the room, perhaps combined with some romantic or Provencal accessory. A birdcage for iron birds, some ceramic pots to fill with fresh flowers, heart-shaped decorations...Furnishing a room in a shabby chic style is not so difficult, and with decorative lanterns you can create a personalized lighting and full of charm!

How to place lanterns in the bathroom

Come sistemare le lanterne in bagno

The candlelight in the bathroom is a real touch for the mood. What could be better than a nice relaxing bath to get rid of the tiredness of the week, perhaps with some music and the scent given off by some incense? Here, with lanterns you can give yourself a relaxing spa atmosphere when you need to regain your energy.

How to best fix the lanterns in the toilet? Also in this case we advise you to evaluate well the dimensions of your bathroom: if you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, some small lantern to be placed on the edge of the tub will be the best choice, perhaps combined with an essence burner.

If, on the other hand, your bathroom is smaller than you can still create a delicious Provencal setting. What do you need? Start with a small console table, even better if in antiqued wood, and place some lanterns on the shelf. Shells and a glass jar filled with colored sand will be a style-rich variant in coastal style, a small oasis of romantic freshness thanks to the light of the lanterns!

Do you also love the romantic light of lanterns like us? Send us the photos of your preparations or write us your suggestions in the comments!


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