How to furnish the laundry room: order, functionality...and lots of style!

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How to furnish the home laundry in a pretty way without losing sight of practicality and organization? Find all our tips in this little guide to set up a fabulous laundry area!

Decorating the laundry corner in a gracious way is the fashion of the moment! Yes, because the laundry area is experiencing a real moment of glory.

Who said, in fact, that the rooms used for laundry should be sad and bare? We can make them beautiful and functional with a few simple steps.

How to furnish an impeccable and elegant laundry

How to furnish the laundry room making it impeccable? Well, we think the ideal would be to start designing the furniture starting from three ideas.

The first: a perfect laundry area is first of all in order! Having everything at hand, whether it's detergents or laundry baskets, is of fundamental importance. The laundry is the room dedicated to the care and washing of clothes, so don't forget to better organize the space at your disposal to work better.

Come arredare la lavanderia con ordine e stile

Functionality is in fact the second characteristic of a perfect domestic laundry. Whether it's a large room or a small closet, try to design it carefully and arrange the washing machine, baskets and boxes in a reasoned way.

All this, of course, without losing sight of aesthetics! Because, as we said at the beginning, furnishing the laundry area also means setting up a corner rich in style and beautiful to look at.

Here, in this small guide we will tell you just how to set up a fabulous shabby chic laundry without losing sight of order and practicality!

Fabric boxes to furnish the laundry area with order

Arredare la lavanderia - Contenitori e scatole in tessuto

Let's start with fabric laundry containers and drawer dividers, perfect and functional wardrobe organizers. They allow you to keep everything in order, without seeing piles of clothes folded around. The trick to furnishing the laundry with a pleasant glance is to choose different, but always matching. In this way you will be able to divide your clothes more easily (example: scarves and gloves in fancy containers, t-shirts and sweaters in solid colors) without creating a noisy composition.

Fabric boxes are perfect for decorating the laundry, because they are light and breathable: this way your clothes stay away from dust, but they always stay fresh.

An ironing and sewing cabinet to furnish a delicious shabby chic laundry!

Mobiletto da stiro e cucito per aredare la lavanderia

To furnish the laundry with an addition of style and a touch of Provençal refinement, we recommend our shabby chic style ironing cabinet, so graceful that it can be flaunted even outside the service areas. A cabinet of this type can also be useful to set up a comfortable area dedicated to hobbies and care of clothes: door and baskets seem to be made to contain remnants and sewing kits.

The combination of white and gray is elegant and timeless, wicker baskets give that Provencal touch that never fails. When you don't use it you can close it, so your ironing board will take up even less space. For a delightful laundry area, always neat and with shabby chic charm!

Wooden crates: beautiful and functional for a stylish laundry room

Arredare l'angolo lavanderia con le cassette in legno

Question: how do you furnish the laundry with style using the plastic drums of detergents? Answer: you can't! The most frequent mistake we make, when setting up the laundry area, is to take care of the furnishing in detail, without however thinking that every object in the room can disturb the general harmony. Yes, even the packaging of the products we use.

In our opinion the best solution to furnish the landry area with style and elegance is the use of a set of white and decorated wooden boxes. Buying them in a set of three or four pieces is a convenient and practical solution at the same time, so you can divide the detergents by type and furnish the laundry with maximum organization.

Last but not least: wooden boxes are beautiful to look at and give a wonderful rustic touch to your laundry. Much better than a plastic box, isn't it?

As for the drums of detergent, instead, let's be clear: they will hardly adapt to the context. An alternative and nice solution could be to transfer the contents of the bottles into containers more in line with the style of the room.

Ideal those in glass, to be equipped with:
- adhesive labels to recognize products (maybe rewritable ones, in blackboard style);
- an internal dispenser (this can also be "saved" from the detergent packs);
- a container that groups them together.

An original and do-it-yourself idea for odd socks...and for a creative laundry corner!

Come arredare la lavanderia con il fai-da-te creativo

Finally, raise your hand if you have never experienced the drama of "orphan" socks! Sooner or later it affects everyone. And the mistake that we make very often is to put unpaired socks together with the others in the drawers, to then perhaps forget about them.

We will then give you one last do-it-yourself nice idea to furnish the laundry with a creative touch! Get a wooden tablet and some clothes pegs to make an original sock station "in search of a soul mate"! Choose it in a color that fits the rest of the room (we opted for a shabby gray that tends to be dove-gray to respect the palette of a shabby chic laundry) and fix the clips with glue. Hang it on the wall next to the washing machine and you will see that no socks will be lost.

You can also have fun painting it and decorating it however you like, helping yourself with stickers if you don't deal with freehand writing. In the image above we have taken some inspiration from Pinterest to inspire you.

Have fun decorating the laundry, because even a home corner that is sometimes undervalued and hidden can turn into a small oasis of shabby elegance!


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