How to furnish an open space! A guide to set up a perfect space

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How to furnish an open space so that each area remains well defined in its function? Let's see a couple of tricks together!

The open space is a trend in furnishing that is increasingly in vogue and of great visual impact, but that must be designed with great care! In this small guide we will give you some advice on how to furnish an open space by organizing the room in the best way and avoiding confusion at home.

First of all, what does open space mean? We could say that it is essentially a shared living area, with the kitchen and living room together. An "open" living area, bright and with a large space available to set up. But be careful! Having an open-plan kitchen and living room means defining the functional spaces of the home in the best way without creating too chaotic fusion.

In short, even when it comes to furnishing an open space, the watchword must be organization: it always delimits every single space, separating the conversation area from the area where you eat and from the one in which you cook. How to do it better? Let's see some ideas!

1. The dividing walls to furnish at best an open space environment

Moretti divisori per arredare un open space

The wall is perhaps the most classic of the dividing methods for the kitchen and the living room in an open space living area. Choose it low, if you want to use it also as a comfortable support surface and make a clever choice: make it build with internal shelves. So not only do you divide the rooms, but you also gain space!

An even more scenographic solution (even if more costly) is the sliding wall, a wall in wood or plasterboard that you can move at will to define the spaces.

2. An idea to organize a small open space? Use a bookshelf!

Libreria per organizzare un open space

If your apartment is small (maybe a studio apartment) and you want to organize the open space, a bookshelf will be perfect to separate the rooms and their functions.

What kind of furniture to choose shelves? In our store you will find many bookcases models that you can also use to better divide the space of the house. With a foresight: do not overfill the shelves and create balanced arrangements. In this way the bookcase will be even more beautiful to look at and will integrate perfectly with the decor of your open space!

3. How to furnish an open space with living room and kitchen together: three ideas

Furnishing an open space also means having an eye for style! It is not just a question of creating a harmonious environment in the functions, but a certain consistency is also required in the choice of furniture and decorations. If you are looking for some ideas to best prepare your open space, here are three points of style to create an airy, coherent and stylish living area!

Furnish a modern open space: separate the rooms with a sofa

Come arredare un open space con cucina e salotto insieme

Furnishing a modern open space means working on furniture with minimal or "courageous" design, but you can also choose to decline the furniture and decorations into a more Scandinavian version. As for colors, you have so many options at your disposal: from black & white (a great classic always fascinating) to neutral shades combined with natural wood (if you love a more Nordic trend).

As you can see in this photo, you can use one or two corner settees to divide living room and kitchen, or a peninsula sofa. The important thing is that the sofas give the "shoulders" to the kitchen: in this way you will create a natural division, and if to further delimit the conversation area you will use a nice rug. A modern open space with a trendy living area!

How to furnish a rustic open space: all the charm of wood!

Arredare un open space rustico

Wood is the great protagonist of the house in a rustic open space! From natural to darker shades, brown is the essential starting point for an environment that must remember the welcoming atmosphere of country houses. Choose vintage or country-chic style furniture, while to decorate the kitchen choose objects in wrought iron or ceramic.

How to best divide the conversation area from the kitchen corner into a rustic open space? The most suggestive and rich choice of style is certainly a beautiful wall with rough bricks! If, on the other hand, you prefer a cheaper alternative, choose some piece of furniture like a crendence or a chest and your house will be perfectly furnished and consistent.

Furnishing an industrial open space: harmonies of contrasts

Arredare un open space industrial

An industrial-style open space is a masterpiece of perfectly blended styles, a harmony of contrasts between well-balanced ancient and modern. Imagine you want to furnish an open space like a loft: how to do it? The colors, first of all: from black to white, passing through gray. Even better if in tones lived to accentuate the "recovery" aspect of the room.

One of the main characteristics of the industrial style is the perfect balancing of the materials: wood and metal must divide the stage, but a beautiful masonry wall will make a really great impression. To better divide the living area you have at least two possibilities: you can use a sofa, or you can decide to have a masonry island built to use both as a table to eat (perhaps with high stools to sit on) and as an element to organize the better the living area of your industrial open space.

Did you decide to transform your apartment into an open space? Follow these simple tips to transform the living area of your home into a bright and well-organized room! And if you have doubts or other curiosity to ask, leave a comment below!


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