How to furnish a small house with style: 4 brilliant ideas

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Is your apartment "differently large"? Find out with us how to furnish a small house: 4 ingenious tricks to take advantage of spaces and make them seem bigger!

Furnishing a small (or very small!) Home does not mean giving up the elegance of interior design or embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Of course, decluttering is always a good idea in these cases: few beautiful and well-chosen objects enhance small spaces better than a forest of knick-knacks.

But don't worry: with the four ideas we propose in this guide you will be able to make your home look like a small palace without sacrificing style or your favorite accessories!

Let's find out how to furnish a small house with four unbeatable allies: heights, walls, multipurpose furniture and the right colors.

1. Furnishing a very small house is possible: take advantage of the walls!

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A first trick to furnish a very small house is to avoid reducing the floor area too much. Crowding an apartment of modest size with furniture will make the space claustrophobic and (obviously) impractical!

But here comes to our aid an ally that we often do not consider: the walls. Example: do you have a truly miniature entrance? Avoid the free standing coat hangers, preferring nice hooks to hang on the wall, and replace the classic console with a suspended one.

Or: do you dream of an equipped wall, but the living room is really small (or just not there)? Forget the idea of a large bookcase, rather fill the wall with thin shelves and hang the TV directly on the wall. You will gain precious inches but, above all, the room will have a more airy, less oppressive aspect. After all, furnishing your home with shelves is an excellent idea to move walls and organize spaces better, especially if your home is small.

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And the bathroom? It is often the weak point of the apartment: a small house usually corresponds to a very small toilet! Again, avoid furniture and carts in favor of shelves. If you're afraid of giving the room a cluttered look, you can get boxes and baskets to hide items you don't want to keep in sight, like toilet paper and cleaning products.

Finally, for the bedroom, prefer small or suspended bedside tables so as not to "close" the area around the bed too much.

In short: to furnish a very small house, use the walls as much as you can by helping yourself with the shelves. Of course, this will take away some space from paintings and frames, but you can still decorate the room by interspersing everyday objects with beautiful ornaments and green plants. Not sure which shelves to choose? Take a look at the models you find in our store and start creating the layout of your small house!

2. Furnish a small house thinking about height

Do you ever think about how much space we waste when we don't exploit the heights of our homes? Unless you live in an attic, you probably have high ceilings that you don't know how to value (you certainly can't get the shelves to the ceiling!).

Reasoning in height can help us furnish a small house in many ways. Choosing slender, upward-oriented furniture, or painting a wall with vertical stripes, will help you to optically modify spaces by disguising a modest square footage.

But "thinking vertically" also means actually exploiting heights to create unexpected spaces. Let's see together how.

Ideas for small houses with mezzanines

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If the ceilings are higher than 4.5 meters, good news for you: you can completely revolutionize the spaces in your home by building a mezzanine!

The mezzanine has always been one of the most popular ideas for furnishing small houses. It's easy to see why: not only does it give movement to the environment making it more interesting, but it practically allows you to add a room to your home.

In the bedroom, for example, it will allow you to create a small study or a walk-in closet. By leaning over the living area, however, you could get a delightful new sitting room, or maybe a small library.

What if your house isn't tall enough? Don't worry, we've also thought of you ...

Furnish small spaces using the platforms

Arredare piccoli spazi con pedaneSource: Pinterest

Nobody ever thinks about platforms when it comes to furnishing small spaces! Yet they are really the smartest solution to gain space.

Raising (for example) the dining room by a few tens of centimeters will certainly not make the spaces narrower, but will allow you to obtain very comfortable drawers in which to store all the objects you do not use every day (sheets, tablecloths, "good" dishes …). Not only that: it will give a much more original look to the house.

But be careful: moving the dining table or living room to an elevated position will be like putting it in the spotlight. So make sure you furnish these spaces with the utmost care.

3. How to furnish small houses with space-saving furniture

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The golden rule for furnishing a small house is always the same: ban on useless objects. The second comes by itself: use as much as possible objects that have at least two purposes! Here then comes the space-saving furniture.

The console, the desk and the dining table? Choose extensible, so you can modulate the size according to your needs.

Beds and sofas? To furnish small spaces, those with drawers are excellent, which will allow you to put away blankets and sheets in a clever way.

The poufs? If they are also containers like the poufs you find in our store, they will never be a waste of space, but a smart addition to the furniture of your home!

And for the clothes? If your bedroom is really small, consider eliminating the closet in favor of open furniture, such as a rack. Drawers, baskets and shelves will do the rest. To separate the room from the rest of the room (and to protect your clothes from dust) a nice curtain will suffice.

Finally, the doors: if possible, always choose the retractable ones!

In short, space-saving furniture is an indispensable aid to furnish small houses: you just need to know how to choose them!

4. Furnish small spaces with the right colors and materials

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Often, when it comes to furnishing small spaces, you also have to make some style choices. Small houses are not bad at all, per se: the only risk is that the rooms turn out gloomy.

To illuminate the environment, prefer white, light colors and warm white lights: you will see what a change! Your home will immediately look different. Leave the brighter shades to accessories and knick-knacks and, if you really don't want to give up colored walls and wallpaper, limit yourself to decorating just one wall, still choosing light and bright tones.

The same rule applies to materials: to furnish a small house without weighing it down, green light for everything that is light and transparent! If you really need a coffee table in the living room, for example, choose it with the glass top. Ditto for curtains: better in tulle or light linen than in heavy materials like velvet and taffeta.

Finally, help yourself with the mirrors. Arranging large mirrors in strategic points of the house is a well-established but always effective trick. When you can't decide between a painting and a mirror, always choose the latter!

In short: now you know everything about how to furnish a small house without giving up your style and your favorite accessories. Did you see it wasn't that hard?


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