How to decorate the fireplace at Christmas! Our inspirations

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A collection and ideas to decorate your fireplace for Christmas! Decorations, inspirations and style tips to make the atmosphere of the house even more magical.

Christmas is coming! And like every year it's time to think about decorations and gifts to be placed under the tree. Then there is the fireplace, a furnishing detail that gives warmth to the whole house. If you are looking for some ideas to decorate your fireplace for Christmas, we have put together some inspiration for you to make Christmas even more magical!

Decorate the fireplace for Christmas: don't understimate the style!

First of all, when you start preparing your fireplace to welcome the Christmas atmosphere, consider the style! Yes, because the fireplaces are not all the same. Modern, rustic-looking, minimal, with ornamental friezes...each with its own particularities. And don't even underestimate the context, that is the style of your home.

Anyway, start with the top shelf, and imagine it as a shelf: here you can find many small decorative objects and decorations. The important thing, however, will always be to create a balanced set-up, without too much crowded space at your disposal.

Garlands and mistletoe to beautify a classic fireplace at Christmas

Decorare un camino classico per Natale

What could be better than a beautiful wreath to make your fireplace even more beautiful? The classic fireplace is usually positioned in the center of the room and framed by walls. It can be white or with coatings of different colors, or adorned with friezes.

The wreath, we said. A Christmas decoration that will never go out of fashion, as well as the ever-present mistletoe or small lanterns for an even warmer and more intimate atmosphere. The pine cones are a perfect decoration for a classic fireplace (even better if left natural), while for colors, there anything more Christmas than red? Perhaps combined with some green elements. If you have a white fireplace you will create a traditional Christmas atmosphere and it will never get tired!

Games of light and candles: Christmas decorations for a fake fireplace

Come decorare un finto camino natalizio

Ok, it's true: not everyone is lucky enough to own a real fireplace at home, and it's not always possible to make one, even for a question of costs. Well, in this case you can get yourself a fake fireplace! And in our store you will find a selection of beautiful fireplace frames that will simulate the effect and warmth of a real fireplace.

What Christmas decorations to choose for a fake fireplace? In the picture above you will find only one of the many possible inspirations. Our advice, however, is to set it up with candles or LED lights (even intermittent to create a more dynamic effect): evocative light effects for a magical Christmas even without having an authentic fireplace!

The fisherman's hut: decorate a nautical style Christmas fireplace

Addobbare un camino per Natale in stile marinaro

The marine style is not an exclusive furnishing trend for a beach house! Far from it: with just a few tricks you can bring the atmosphere of the sea into your nest and daydream.

If you love this style and want to create an intimate and warm atmosphere for Christmas, you can decorate your fireplace with naval-themed objects. A wooden boat embellished with mistletoe, as in the picture above, to be placed in the top shelf of the fireplace, while a nautical-themed clock or a beautiful hanging print will complete the whole. A cozy and intimate atmosphere like that of a fisherman's cabin!

Romantic whiteness: the Christmas decorations for a shabby chic fireplace

Addobbare un camino shabby chic a Natale

Decorating a shabby chic style fireplace means creating a candid and romantic environment, even at Christmas! Eye to the palette: the ideal would be to focus on neutral tones, so choose decorative elements from white to gray, through the dove gray color. Some heart-shaped frames with Christmas-themed photos or small ceramic angels will look great!

For an extra touch of color, some pastel pink elements will be perfect. Even the fireplace should be white, or (even better) in pickled color to create that typical lived-in effect of this style.

To complete the decoration of the shabby chic fireplace you can hang the traditional Christmas stockings to fill with sweets for Epiphany. Maybe in linen and cotton and in silver color, to the delight of the little ones!

Unleash your imagination! An idea to decorate the do-it-yourself fireplace at Christmas

Decorare un camino fai-da-te per Natale

Let's close this collection of ideas with a simply delicious idea by the blogger Pink Frilly: the do-it-yourself fireplace decorated for Christmas! Even the fireplace itself is a lovely work of creative bricolage!

Manuela has chosen to decorate this do-it-yourself fireplace with cardboard and a setting in delicate pastel tones, including the inevitable stockings. Very nice, isn't it?

Moreover, do-it-yourself means above all to free your imagination! But this is worth a bit for all the ideas we have given you in this small collection!

Have fun and let us know how you decided to decorate your fireplace for Christmas in the comments!


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