How to decorate a hallway and make the most of it!

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How to decorate a corridor and make it even more beautiful and functional? Discover our tips to make the most of an often overlooked corner of the house!

The corridor is a transit space that we tend to underestimate often when we talk about home furnishings. In reality, this environment also deserves the right attention and an installation in harmony with the rest of the home.

For this we have to give you a small guide to explain how to decorate a corridor with style and functionality, a collection of practical tips to make the most of this corner of passage!

How to decorate a corridor with style and functionality? Things to keep in mind

Idee per arredare il corridoio

First of all, furnishing a corridor means enhancing a corner of the house often left in the hands of itself. To do it best you need to focus on at least four aspects. Let's see them together!

1) Decorate the corridor by evaluating the space you have available

Let's start from the most basic and important point. If you are looking for ideas on how to furnish a corridor, you must first evaluate the space you have available and make the most of it, but with essential precautions. In fact, remember that a corridor must be set up without losing sight of its functionality: avoid crowding it too much and always try to facilitate the passage.

2) Add color to the walls to make the hallway more beautiful!

Furnishing the corridor is a great challenge: very often this corner of passage is not provided with windows or natural lighting, making it "cold" and impersonal. To overcome this problem you can add color to the walls and revive the atmosphere with wall decorations or with wallpaper. A too dark corridor is not the best, don't you think?

colori per corridoio

3) Choose the most suitable lighting

Colors are not everything, to make the corridor more beautiful and personal you also need the right lighting! In this case, a lot depends on the style you have in mind (and the furnishings of the house): lighting a corridor with spotlights is a choice with a modern charm, while wall lights can also adapt to a more classic house.

riempire una libreria con gli oggetti

4) Decorate the corridor with cabinets and decorations that can make a difference!

The choice of hallway furniture depends on the surface you have available, but some furniture and furnishings can really make a difference to furnish this corner of the house! Difficult to do without the consoles, elegant decorative tables that you can furnish at your convenience (and which can also replace the classic telephone cabinet), while for the walls the choice is really wide. Paintings, canvases, photo frames...or a well balanced mix of all these wall decorations!

Consolle per corridoio

How to furnish a narrow and short corridor? Use the mirrors!

If you have a short and narrow corridor, the first rule is to pay attention to the space available and avoid the clutter effect. And this applies to both furniture and decorations!

An effective and simple idea to be used to furnish a narrow and short corridor is to use LED lights to illuminate some paintings or decorative prints, for a welcoming and at the same time suggestive atmosphere.

abbellire un corridoio stretto e lungo

Another interesting trick to enhance a small corridor is the use of mirrors to make the environment seem bigger: you will increase the perceived depth and even such a small passage angle will seem much bigger.

specchi per corridoio

Wallpaper can be an excellent idea to furnish a narrow and short corridor with a note of color, even better if in neutral colors to accentuate the airiness of the environment and make the effect of perceived depth even more effective.

How to decorate a narrow and long corridor: make the most of the walls!

To furnish a long and narrow corridor you have to balance colors and decorations in the best way: a space of this size runs the risk of being always too cold and unwelcoming, and to make it harmonious with the rest of the house you can resort to different tricks.

For example, hanging photos in an original way is a simple but always impressive solution to decorate the walls of your narrow and long corridor, the important thing is to have an empty wall that is spacious enough to create a fascinating setting.

decorare la parete del corridoio

Or: why not resort to niches? If your corridor wall allows it, you can set up a niche with shelves to be used as a bookcase or to be filled with objects and memorabilia that represent your passions and your interests.

The niches also allow you to minimize the use of hallway furniture and facilitate the passage of people. As for the color of the walls, there is no real rule: we advise you to keep them white, but let yourself be inspired by your taste and choose the color you prefer for your narrow and long corridor!

Elegance and brightness: how to furnish a classic corridor

come arredare un corriodio classico

Furnishing the classic corridor means creating an environment with sinuous and elegant shapes. As for the palette, white is the most suitable color to accentuate this refined and refined aura, but you can also use breaking shades such as gray or silver. The important thing will be to stay in neutral colors and never over the top!

If you have to choose furniture to decorate a classic corridor, well...what's better than a console? A white lacquered coffee table will be the most suitable choice, perfectly matched to the style of the corridor and will also guarantee you an additional support surface.

To best illuminate your classic corridor, a nice elegant chandelier will be the best option, or use a console to place a metal table lamp on it. The white walls will further accentuate the brightness of a professionally furnished corridor!

Play with contrasts to furnish a modern corridor

come arredare un corridoio moderno

To furnish a modern corridor you are really spoiled for choice in terms of colors and decorations. A black & white that never goes out of fashion, the rough industrial warmth, the minimalist essentiality for a museum-like effect of contemporary all depends on your taste and the style of your home!

A simple but highly effective idea is to play with contrasts: if the walls are white you can use black frames and squares with minimal prints, or leave a white wall and paint one in black or in an intense anthracite gray and that will create a decidedly more industrial environment.

Choose trendy accessories and decorative elements (even better if in metal) to furnish the modern corridor, but without exaggerating: the beauty of a corner of passage in this style is also in the balance between full and empty spaces, then design the layout with care by evaluating the length of your corridor well.


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