How to decorate a bookshelf: 4 creative ideas

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How to decorate a bookcase and make it even more beautiful? Here is a collection of ideas to create creative arrangements using books, magazines, plants...and imagination!

Furnishing a bookcase means giving prominence to our greatest passions. Yes, because a shelving unit can accommodate CDs, discs, DVDs, in addition of course to your favorite books. But in a bookshelf there are also plants, objects, candles, pictures and many objects that can make it even more beautiful.

If you are looking for ideas to embellish a bookcase and set it up in an original and imaginative way, you are in the right place!

Come riempire una libreria con le piante

The golden rules before starting to furnish a bookcase

Let's start by saying that not all bookcases are created equal. There are many different models on the market, and before deciding how to furnish a bookcase you should keep in mind a few but important golden rules. Let's start with these!

1. Where to place the bookshelf?

The first decision to make, the one on which everything else depends. A bookcase looks good everywhere, it is a useful piece of furniture in the whole house, but it can be used in different ways also based on its location. You can choose a bookcase to decorate the living room and create a reading corner, or to complete a study room, or to better separate the rooms when you need to furnish an open space.

2. What size should it be?

Once you've decided where to place a bookcase, start thinking about the size. Of course, it all depends on the size of the room, but keep in mind that the shape and size affect the layout. A column bookcase and a cabinet with a staircase or square compartments impose a different care for details and for the decorative elements that you will choose.

3. Which style? And what colors?

Here we enter the realm of personal tastes! There are bookcases suitable for all styles: when it comes to choosing one to buy, take into account the decor of your home and choose a model that can best fit you. If you don't know what to choose, in our store you will find a selection of bookcases in many different colors and sizes, a series of shelving furniture to complete the decor of the living area with functionality and style!

And now, here is a collection of ideas for you to furnish a bookcase and fill it with imagination!

Make the most of the shelves to furnish a modern bookcase!

valorizzare gli scaffali di una libreria moderna

A modern bookcase has one of its strengths in design! When you decide to furnish it, think about how to make the most of the shelves by creating a balanced layout in shapes and colors. To make them stand out, study the color combinations well: a dark bookcase will stand out against a light wall at best, and vice versa.

You can also choose to "hide" the shelving unit by placing it against a wall of the same color. In this case, however, pay particular attention to what to choose to fill the shelves! Whether it's books or decorative accessories, opt for a bold color palette so as to show off your composition.

far risaltare al massimo gli scaffali di una libreria moderna

Take care of the arrangement of books and magazines to make the library more beautiful

Your favorite books deserve the right visibility, it doesn't rain on this. Not only that: books are also the decorative element par excellence for a shelving cabinet! To make a bookcase even more beautiful, arrange the books according to their thickness, playing with the measurements and alternating books horizontally with others positioned vertically.

Create a dynamic and lively setting by alternating the colors of the books (but you can also decide to create a more "saturated" effect by using similar shades), or by carefully managing the arrangement of books and other decorative elements. Plates and decorative writings, frames, shells, travel souvenirs...follow your inspirations by linking the decorations to the style of the room!

Even magazines can contribute to the setting up of a library! Especially the ones you collect and care about most. Choose the ones with the most beautiful and positional cover vertically, as if they were real paintings or photographs to exhibit.

disporre i libri su una libreria

The green corner in the house: fill the bookcase with plants!

riempire la libreria con le piante

Plants are essential in the home: they bring color and joy, clean the air and make the room more lively...setting up a green corner means giving new life to the room, and what's better than a bookcase to create a small greenhouse? A black shelving cabinet (in wood or metal) will be a perfect structure to start designing a green corner. Alternate plants with books and your shelves will start to explode with color and freshness!

An alternative to the "classic" bookcase is this:

scaffale a scala con piante

A ladder-shaped shelf to be filled with jars, plants and ornaments. You can alternate green with a series of books and magazines, for a very "urban jungle" and very trendy effect.

Less is more! Furnishing a bookcase in a surprising and creative way

riempire una libreria con gli oggetti

Furnishing a library does not mean filling it at random or overloading it with objects. On the contrary: sometimes the philosophy of less is more is the best solution to create something unique, surprising and truly creative!

A little while ago we talked about alternating books and decorations to create a more varied whole, but don't understimate the alternation between full and empty spaces, especially if you love minimal settings. Another trick is to vary the shapes as much as possible: a jar with a plant to be placed on top of two or three books will be an excellent way to create an imaginative composition!

And how did you decorate your library? Send us the photo of your installations or tell us with a comment to this article!


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