How to adorn the kitchen: 7 cheap and brilliant ideas!

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How to adorn the kitchen in a functional and stylish way? Here are 7 economic and intelligent ideas for you to renovate the room without spending a capital!

The kitchen is no longer considered a simple service room, but is now in all respects an environment in the home to be lived and decorated with care. That's why when it comes to furnishing your home with creativity, the kitchen should not be overlooked and should be enhanced to the best without losing sight of its functionality.

But how to beautify the kitchen without spending a capital? Here are 7 economic and intelligent ideas for you to make this room even more beautiful and personal!

1. Use shelves and wall units to beautify the kitchen

Abbellire la cucina con mensole e pensili

The first idea to embellish the kitchen concerns the walls. Shelves and wall units are furnishing elements that combine practicality and aesthetic sense, are versatile and allow you to create original and at the same time functional settings.

Having everything at your fingertips is essential, whether it's canned food, spices or small appliances, but decorating with shelves also means thinking about how to make the most of them to beautify the kitchen by enhancing a bare wall. A service of colored dishes, some seedlings, original glass jars to be used instead of the usual spice racks...choose carefully what to put on the shelves in the kitchen and the wall will look different and full of life!

Free your imagination and have fun with DIY: the wooden fruit boxes can become an alternative to the shelves, but also a wooden branch with metal hooks will transform into a very special wall unit to decorate the kitchen.

2. Show off your most beautiful ceramics to beautify the kitchen!

Decorare la cucina con le ceramiche

Speaking of shelves: why not use them to showcase a collection of ceramics? Plates, cups, or small memorabilia are "classic" decorative elements when it comes to embellishing a kitchen, but you can also choose some more brightly colored pieces to create a composition of character and that will certainly not go unnoticed.

You can also show off your most beautiful ceramics by hanging them directly on the wall. Pay attention to the composition so as not to overfill the surface and create a homogeneous arrangement of shapes and shades for an even more beautiful and tidy kitchen! If you are looking for inspiration on what to hang in the kitchen, well...with ceramics you really go on the safe side!

3. An economic idea to decorate the walls of the kitchen? The wallpaper!

Decorare le pareti della cucina con la carta da parati

Another idea to make your kitchen even more beautiful starting from the walls without spending a capital? Well, bet on wallpaper!

Look at this photo: who wouldn't like to have a kitchen with such elegant tiles or even exposed brick, in full cottage style? Here, to decorate the walls of the kitchen and make the room even more beautiful quickly and economically, a beautiful wallpaper with a brick or tile pattern will be the smartest and truly affordable solution for all budgets.

4. All the charm of the open pantry for a more beautiful kitchen

Abbellire la cucina con una dispensa a vista

The open pantry is an absolutely trendy idea to make the kitchen even more beautiful and personal. Keeping canned products, food and cans on display means transforming the kitchen by playing with shapes and colors, and you will always have everything at hand while you cook. Two pigeons with one stone! If you are looking for ideas to furnish a kitchen, we advise you to set up an open pantry also for a matter of space: if you have a too small kitchen, in fact, it could be an alternative solution to the classic pantry cabinet or a bulky sideboard.

A functional pantry that catches the eye must be positioned at the right height and protected from sunlight. Always and only use foods and products that are to be consumed first, and create an arrangement that is balanced in shapes and colors. A really simple solution to make to make the kitchen more lively and special!

5. Cozy freshness! The aromatic herbs to beautify your kitchen

Abbellire la cucina con le erbe aromatiche

Aromatic herbs should never be missing in the kitchen! Of course, they are indispensable for cooking, but these plants help to make the room even more welcoming, fresh and with an unmistakable aroma.

Mint, thyme, basil...the choice is practically infinite, as well as the possibilities of using them to best enhance the kitchen. You can place jars on shelves, or (if you want to have fun with DIY) create a vertical vegetable garden with pallets. Or why not transform glass flasks into small pot holders for your aromatic plants? The herbs and herbs will give a new life to the kitchen making it immediately more comfortable.

6. Choose the most suitable curtains to decorate the kitchen with elegance

abbellire una cucina con le tende

Curtains are details not to be overlooked when it comes to beautifying the kitchen. Why? Because textile elements contribute to creating an atmosphere, they add style and warmth and are indispensable for filtering the sun's rays and protecting you from the heat.

When choosing curtains to decorate your kitchen you must take into account two things: the style of the room (therefore, in general, of your home) and the most suitable combination with other textile elements, such as tablecloths.

If your kitchen is rustic or country chic, slightly textured curtains will be the most suitable choice (as well as for a Provencal or shabby chic style kitchen, better still if decorated with hearts), while for a kitchen modern choose more "minimal" models also in materials. If, on the other hand, you love the ethnic and eccentric style, a bamboo tent will be an impressive idea that will also surprise your guests!

7. Beautify the kitchen with accessories: a personal and low-cost touch

Accessori per abbellire la cucina

When it comes to furniture it is often the details that make the difference, and to give an extra touch to a room, very little is needed. That's why to beautify the kitchen without having to spend a capital you can also focus on simple accessories that are both useful and particular at the same time.

A few examples? A wooden cutting board, an unusual container for knives, matching appliances ... not only "tools of the trade" but also nice homedecor elements for your kitchen!

Or even: jars and jars to be transformed into spice racks, recycled iron baskets and to hang on the wall, an old wooden lectern to be used as a support for your recipe books...all solutions at no cost to beautify the kitchen in an economic and with a really personal touch!

And how would you like to beautify your kitchen? Leave a comment to this article and write us your advice!


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