How to create a home gym in a chic and functional way

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Would you like to create a home gym that is not only practical and functional, but also beautiful and with a neat appearance? Follow our advice!

We are sure that among your good resolutions for the new year there is also the infamous "getting in shape". But the gyms are closed and it's still too cold for walks! No excuses, there is a solution: organize a home gym! No, we assure you that it is not difficult at all. It takes (a few) targeted purchases, a little practicality and a pinch of good taste.

Do you have an entire room to dedicate to your home gym? Great, let's see what we need to furnish it. You don't have a special room and want to find a corner in a quiet area of the house? That's okay too! We don't necessarily need a lot of space: a little inventiveness is enough!

From the tools to buy to the materials and colors to be preferred, let's discover together how to create a home gym that is not only practical, but also beautiful to look at.

How to organize your home gym (or room) in style

Come organizzare una palestra in casa

If you are reading this paragraph, we bet that in the house you have a room that you use little: a closet, an attic, a small bedroom ...

Let's face it, environments like these seem comfortable, but sooner or later we end up filling them with boxes and junk. Better then use them for something really useful like a home gym!

Do you know what the beauty of having an entire gym room at home is? That you can take care of its appearance in every detail, without worrying about "matching" it to the rest of the furniture, and choose the most suitable colors and materials, perhaps inspired by the type of physical activity you intend to practice.

A few examples? A cardio workout makes us think of an industrial-style gym room, with raw concrete walls, exposed pipes and special accessories (such as vintage leather gloves hanging on a wall). On the contrary, for softer disciplines such as yoga and pilates we imagine an environment with a zen and boho-chic look, with a lot of wood, neutral and bright colors, suspended plants, lights and burners for essences. It may seem futile to you, but the truth is that the more you like the look of your home gym, the more willingly you will train.

Regardless of the style, there are some elements that are always to be preferred when decorating a home gym: good natural light; one or more windows to ventilate the room; green plants (they purify the environment and help the mind to relax).

Furnishing a home gym: what to buy to equip the room?

Cosa comprare per una palestra in casa

Of course, if you don't already have them, you'll need some tools, but we'll cover that in the last paragraph! For the moment, let's focus on the furniture.

Let's start with the floor: if you have the opportunity to choose an ad hoc one, linoleum is ideal, because it is soft but easy to clean. Alternatively, a maxi interlocking rubber mat will be an excellent compromise.

Make sure that a mirror is never missing, to control your movements well, and always keep a roll of absorbent paper at hand to sanitize the surfaces after use: you can also hang the roll holder on the wall, just like they do in many gyms.

A few other very useful additions for your home gym: a mini-fridge to always have water and fresh fruit available; a TV or a computer to distract you during the most boring and repetitive exercises, such as the treadmill; bluetooth speakers to connect to the smartphone to never miss the music. And don't underestimate the inspiration factor: motivational writings (but also photos of the results you would like to achieve) will help you keep your focus on your goal!

How to make a home gym if you don't have a dedicated room?

Stanza per fare palestra a casa

Ok, we have seen how to create a home gym with an entire room. But how do you do when you don't have all this space available? Do you give up?

Not at all! Making a home gym is possible even in small apartments.

To start, choose the right place. Where possible, the same rules apply as in the previous paragraph: good natural light is a source of vitamin D and good ventilation is always important, so the more windows there are, the better. The ideal would be to find a secluded corner of the house: at one time or another you may not have time to tidy up immediately after training. In these cases, it is better to leave the study in disorder rather than the living room!

A storage cabinet (even better if on wheels) could be your ally to contain your pocket-sized home gym: small tools such as weights or kettlebells, a mat and a towel, and voilà, that's it. Here too, your laptop or small speakers will help you always have your music close at hand.

What tools to choose to work out at home and stay fit! 

Attrezzare una palestra in casa

Now we come to the more technical questions: which equipment to buy for the home gym? Clearly, it all depends on the activities you want to practice.

Even with a specially chosen floor, you will surely need one or more mats for your home gym. No, they are not just for meditating: whatever exercise you do the stretching is important!

What else do we need to create a home gym and train in comfort? Essential tools are small weights and kettlebells, perfect for circuit training. If you love pilates you will need plastic rings and small weights, while dumbbells and anklets are ideal if you love intense exercises and weight lifting. Do you like aerobics and love to let loose with music? You certainly can't do without one step! If you don't know how to choose them or which ones to buy, in our store you will find a wide range of tools to create your home gym and keep yourself in shape!

Cavigliere per fare sport a casa

If you have an entire room as a gym, you may also want to attach objects to the ceiling (like a punching bag) or to the wall, floor, and door (like a pull-up bar). And of course, if the environment is particularly large and you have the opportunity to invest in one or more machines, a treadmill, an exercise bike or a rowing machine will make your gym room even more complete.

Now you have no more excuses: with these precautions, this year keeping fit will be a breeze!


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