Furnishing a living room with a fireplace: all the tips to avoid making mistakes

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Furnishing a living room with a fireplace is a dream come true, but it requires a little attention in the choice of finishes and in the arrangement of the furniture. Don't worry: we'll help you!

The living room with fireplace is a bit of everyone's dream! There is no need to go around it, the fireplace makes any home "warmer", and we're not just talking about temperature. The environment becomes intimate, welcoming. Not only that: the fireplace unites people, "invites" them to chat and relax together.

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Of course, furnishing a living room with a fireplace certainly requires some extra care. Whether it's a real stone fireplace, a fake wooden fireplace or an electric fireplace, you must always choose the rest of the furniture carefully, so we won't run the risk of weighing down the environment.

Let's find out how to make the most of a living room with a fireplace!

How to arrange furniture in a living room with a fireplace

The fireplace is an architectural element that attracts all the attention. This does not mean that a living room with a fireplace should be furnished in the best possible way, far from it: this element influences the floor plan in an important way and it is good to take this into account when choosing the other furniture.

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First, the sessions. If you have a TV hanging over the fireplace, the sofa will be placed in front; alternatively, a pair of armchairs will be placed by three quarters, so that those who sit on them can both converse, or watch the fire or TV.

If there is no TV, we are a little freer: in the presence of a complete living room, we can also position the sofa and the pair of armchairs not in front of the fireplace, but facing each other, in a dialogue position. Just like in the photo above.

Ah, and also take into consideration the purchase of one or more footstools: in front of the fireplace you are not composed, you have to relax!

If the TV is not positioned above, here's what to hang over the fireplace to enrich the environment: a beautiful painting, a round or inlaid mirror, a series of prints placed on a shelf... Or a beautiful wreath of branches and flowers buckets! Alternatively, a watch always makes an impression: choose it in theme with the environment and you will not go wrong.

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Do you want to enhance your living room with fireplace even more? Give a particular accent to the wall that hosts it: a brick finish, a faux stone covering, a striped wallpaper... you can also paint a single vertical strip of wall, slightly wider than the fireplace and high up to the ceiling, with a different color, such as gray or taupe. The wood paneling also works very well.

Finally, do not forget that even wood can be a beautiful piece of furniture, rather than something to hide: the woodshed in the house has become very fashionable in recent years ... and we do not struggle to understand why! And if you are looking for further inspiration to furnish the fireplace and make the most of it, discover our proposals that you can find in the guide we wrote on this topic!

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Yes, but how to choose between all these ideas? As usual, let yourself be guided by the style you want to give to your living room!

Living rooms with fireplace: one for each style of furniture!

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Each living room has its own fireplace! Yes, because there are fireplaces for all tastes: stone, marble, brick, or ultra-modern ... To each his own. So don't despair if you've been told you don't have the right home: there is a living room with a fireplace for all kinds of furnishings.

It's all about choosing the right one. Let's see some examples!

The modern living room with fireplace: a contradiction?

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There will certainly be those who have ruled that the fireplace is a classic, traditional piece of furniture, not suitable for your ultramodern home. Nothing more wrong! A beautiful modern living room with a fireplace is not only possible: it is also an impressive choice.

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If the size allows it, choose a modern dividing fireplace, usable from both sides: beautiful, original and also allows you to separate an open space. Or, have you ever seen how spectacular salons with suspended fireplaces are? If you want to give a truly special touch to your modern living room, dare it without fear!

Rustic and timeless: the living room with stone fireplace

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You say "fireplace" and you probably imagine an ancient one, made of stone, as in the houses of the past. If you live in a suitable context (in the mountains, in the countryside, or in an ancient house in the historic center of a town), then the choice is almost obligatory: what you need is a nice living room with a stone fireplace.

Make sure that the rest of the decor is adequate: rustic and cozy, with lots of wood, warm colors, nice rugs, comfortable armchairs and accessories with a classic but informal flavor (like Scottish pillows and fringed wool throws).

Do you love the charm of the stone fireplace in the living room, but you live in an apartment and are you afraid that the whole would be "too much"? Try the brick fireplace: less demanding, but it will give the room an equally warm atmosphere.

Endless elegance: the living room with classic fireplace

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Let's move towards more refined styles: if you own a classic living room, then you will need a classic fireplace!

The non plus ultra, in this case, is the marble fireplace, preferably enriched with sober inlays. Play it safe with white, but also consider a dark gray total look (fireplace and wall): chic, but unexpected.

In order not to overload the environment too much, take a cue from the photo above: the fireplace area and the ceiling are already very rich, so the environment is minimal and the decoration is entrusted to works of art with a modern and essential look. In this way you will have a living room with a classic fireplace, but also current and trendy!

Ideas for living rooms with shabby chic fireplaces

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Fireplace and shabby chic style often go hand in hand: this architectural element, in fact, goes perfectly with the nostalgic charm of shabby chic.

The perfect shabby fireplace features swirls and floral inlays, more romantic than a classic fireplace, and is - of course - white. Not a uniform white, attention: it is always better that the effect is a little worn, with edges and reliefs aged to art.

Hang a matching mirror with an antique flavor above the fireplace and arrange delicate porcelain, pendulum clocks and lace doilies on the mantel. And so, we assure you, you will have the most beautiful among the shabby salons.

Alternatives to the real fireplace: the living room with an electric (or fake) fireplace

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Unfortunately, not all houses allow you to have a living room with a fireplace. Maybe the ceiling is not high enough for a flue, or the air intakes are not enough, or the condominium regulation does not allow it.

Still don't want to give up the dream atmosphere that only a fireplace in the house can create? Here are two different solutions to help you!

The electric fireplace

Camino elettrico per salotto

We know, the magnetic charm of fire is difficult to resist. If you can't build one powered by wood at home, you can always choose an electric fireplace from our catalog! It warms, creates atmosphere and is a beautiful piece of furniture. The advantage? You can also put it on the terrace or veranda.

The fake decorative fireplace (to decorate as you wish!)

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The thing you like most about the fireplace is the possibility of creating a focal point in the room, using it as a support to show off your most beautiful knick-knacks? In this case, a fake wooden fireplace is the solution for you: scenographic, delicate, it will allow you to set up a truly delightful corner, perhaps enriching it with lanterns and electric candles to create atmosphere.


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