5 tips for furnishing your home in an industrial style

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A small collection of tips to furnish in an industrial style and recreate all the charm of a New York loft directly in your home!

If you love urban atmospheres and gritty design, furnishing in an industrial style is definitely the best way to create a home that reflects your personality! Living in a New York loft would be a dream, even if not for everyone. Yet, as you will discover in this guide, it takes very little to recreate the charm of the industrial style in the home.

A bit of history, first of all: how did this furniture trend come about? The industrial style was born in the United States in the first half of the last century with the idea of recovering old warehouses, warehouses and industrial complexes to obtain artistic ateliers or to transform them into real homes.

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Therefore, furnishing your home in an industrial style means first of all recreating these "reclaimed" atmospheres, rough and full of contrasts. A gritty, character and creative style that requires compliance with a few simple rules to obtain a stunning result.

In this guide we have collected a small list of tips and inspirations to furnish your home in an industrial style and amaze those who will come to visit you for the first time!

Large spaces and adequate light: the starting point for furnishing in an industrial style!

Arredare in stile industriale: open space e illuminazioneSource: Pinterest

First rule to keep in mind if you love industrial style and would like to replicate it in your home: this type of furniture needs space! That's why furnishing in an industrial style is an excellent solution especially for an open space or an attic. Born in the large empty spaces of warehouses or old abandoned factories, industrial-style furniture requires adequate lighting (natural or artificial) and airy spaces to be furnished with well-balanced details so as not to crowd the environment too much.

Speaking of light: if you have rather large windows with "minimal" or stained glass windows, this is already a great start! Alternatively, well-dosed artificial lighting will do its part, but choose floor or pendant lamps to create that "temporary furniture" effect that characterizes an industrial-style home.

Create a harmony of contrasts for your industrial style home

Arredamento Industriale: un'armonia di contrastiSource: Pinterest

Another feature of an industrial-style home is the harmony of contrasts. Colors and furnishing elements must be combined to steal the eye and capture attention, without however losing sight of the underlying coherence of the whole.

Think of colors, for example: from anthracite gray to lighter shades, this color is the great protagonist of the industrial style, albeit well blended with black, white and gray. A color palette that you can also find in the materials: from iron to copper, from wood to leather, have fun creating courageous combinations to make the industrial furniture of your home even more gritty!

How to choose the best materials to furnish in an industrial style?

Arredamento industriale con materiali grezzi e di recuperoSource: Pinterest

The quintessence of self-respecting industrial furniture is recovery! Everything must contribute to creating a temporary and creative atmosphere in its being totally imperfect.

Go for raw, rough, and poorly finished materials. A great classic of the industrial style is exposed brick (too complicated to make? With a wallpaper you can get the same result!), But even a concrete wall will be able to communicate the gritty coldness of the industrial style.

Exposed pipes and metal, the great protagonists of self-respecting industrial furniture!

Arredare in stile industriale: tubature e ferroSource: Pinterest

In short, the industrial style furniture feeds on the charm of the "work in progress" and aims to recreate the cold beauty of the old factories transformed into apartments with an unconventional style. For this reason, the pipes left "exposed" are perhaps the element that characterizes this style of furniture: they give your home a touch of a true American loft, fascinating and absolutely spectacular.

More generally, metal is an element that must never be missing in an industrial-style home. And this is true for the pipes, but also for a coffee table, for the seats and (above all) for the bookcases. A beautiful minimal and geometric shelving unit will look great in an industrial style home!

Vintage and "recycled" objects: the choice of furniture to furnish in an industrial style

Casa in stile industriale: mobilio e accessoriSource: Pinterest

We close this guide to furnishing in an industrial style with some tips for choosing the most suitable furniture for a home with such an original and characterful appearance. A detail that we have left for the last, but certainly not to diminish its importance: furniture, furnishing accessories and accessories must always be chosen with the utmost care, and this also applies to a self-respecting industrial style furniture!

A little tip: antique markets are the perfect hunting ground to complete an industrial-style home. Vintage objects, lived-in furniture that show off their imperfections, beanbag or leather armchairs, furnishing accessories made with pallets or old unused wooden crates ... To furnish your home in a loft style you don't have to do is let yourself be guided by your creativity and do-it-yourself. The important thing will be to create continuity with the color palette of the house and with the taste for imperfection that characterizes this style!


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