5 creative ideas to furnish with wooden boxes

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Do you love decoupage and do-it-yourself creative? Discover our five creative ideas for decorating with wooden boxes! A collection of ideas to decorate the house with style or to make the garden even more beautiful.

Wooden boxes are sometimes little considered objects when it comes to decorating a home. Or rather: they were. Furnishing your home with wooden boxes has in fact become an increasingly trendy and glamorous practice over the years! Why? Well, first of all because they are really cheap and easy to find decorative elements. Just take a tour of the market stalls to retrieve lots of boxes and fruit crates that would otherwise be thrown away.

But the great success of these simple boxes also comes from their versatility! With a little imagination and creativity they can in fact become real design objects or even furnishing accessories for the whole house. Not sure where to start? Don't worry: in this little guide we have put together five creative ideas for you to furnish your home with wooden boxes.

Fiorirere con le cassette in legno

Furnish with wooden boxes: creative recycling and decoupage

Surely you have heard of decoupage, an increasingly popular hobby that has very ancient and noble origins. The French word "découpage" comes from the French "découper", which can be translated into Italian as "cropping". In Italy it is also known as poor art, a decorative technique introduced by Venetian furniture makers in the 18th century. But the origin of this practice is much older: it is said that it arrived in Europe from China as early as the 1500s, and that between the 1600s and the 1700s it became a real artistic technique much appreciated in France and England.

Today the decoupage is a decorative style that is often combined with creative recycling, a mix of do-it-yourself, bricolage and recovery of objects otherwise destined for recycling. Also for this reason the decorated wooden boxes have become great protagonists of this green practice that combines creativity and environmental protection.

Furnishing with fruit crates is the best fun because there are no limits to the possible uses of these boxes. They can be recycled according to your imagination, and if you're wondering where to find these versatile boxes, well...browse our catalog and you'll find a selection of wooden boxes ready to be used in so many different ways!

How to turn fruit crates into original shelves

Mensole con le cassette della frutta

The fruit crates are so versatile that they can even turn into very original shelves! Shelves that can replace traditional suspended furniture, or alternate with real shelves to create an even more dynamic equipped wall in the forms and style.

If you work with DIY and do-it-yourself, evaluate the empty spaces on your wall well and start designing your shelves. The next step will obviously be deciding how to decorate them properly! The result will be truly amazing, especially if you love the reclaimed furniture and the charm of the industrial style.

A spice rack or an outdoor flowerpot holder with wooden boxes

The beauty of wooden boxes is that they can also be used to make modular cabinets that you can set up as you like. An advantage not just and you can take advantage of in your favor to build a pretty rustic spice rack to place in the kitchen.

In reality this is only one of the possible uses of the boxes: as you can see in this photo, the wooden boxes can also be used to decorate the garden wall and create a colorful outdoor plant pot.

Portaspezie con le cassette in legno

How to decorate the garden with wooden boxes: rustic and original planters!

Fioriere con le cassette della frutta

Speaking of exteriors: wooden crates are also perfect as beautiful rustic planters to make your garden more beautiful! If you are not lucky enough to have a green corner, you can always indulge yourself with your decorations even in a small balcony, on the terrace or on the veranda.

This exhibition was created by Veronica Perra, a passionate creative recycling expert who we advise you to follow on Instagram because her creations are truly delicious! In our blog you will also find a series of creative ideas to furnish the garden with wooden boxes and pallets, another great trend of recent years. A unique style, an eclectic mix of shabby chic style, rustic elegance and industrial charm.

Bookcases, coffee tables and wine cabinets with wooden boxes!

Mobile cantinetta con le cassette della frutta

Look at this delicious wine cabinet: it is a creation of our friend Fania_heartmade, as well as the coffee table you see below. His living room looks like a small museum of modern art, because with wooden crates you can also make bookcases and cabinets to make your home even more trendy! If you love the rustic style, make the most of the potential of fruit boxes to create nice shoe racks to place in the entrance of your home or original bedside tables for the night area!

Tavolino da solotto con le cassette della frutta

Decorate the wooden boxes and turn them into elegant containers

Cassette della frutta decorate

Finally, you can decorate wooden crates and transform them into beautiful useful containers throughout the house and perfect for decorating with style! Since we are talking about decoupage and creative DIY, we suggest you arm yourself with sandpaper, paint and...fantasy! As a first step, begin to smooth the boxes to remove impurities or dangerous protruding wooden strips.

As for the color, here comes the beauty: you can choose to paint the boxes in solid colors if you want to turn them into containers for toys, magazines or books, or you can make small masterpieces like these from Fania_heartmade. A creative idea to make your home even more colorful and imaginative!

Looking for more trendy ideas? In our Pinterest we have collected other ideas to furnish your home with wooden boxes! Have fun with creative recycling and if you liked this guide send us photos of your creations!


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