9 ideas for decorating the fireplace with style and simplicity!

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A guide with a series of inspirations and ideas for decorating the fireplace (or a fake fireplace!) And creating stylish settings with simplicity and imagination.

If you are lucky enough to own a fireplace, you will already know very well that this piece of furniture is able to make the atmosphere of the living area more "warm" and welcoming. Well, with a little imagination and a few simple interventions you can furnish the fireplace and enhance it even more, and in this guide we will give you a series of ideas and inspirations to better decorate it!

In the past we had already told you how to decorate the fireplace in the summer, but you can decorate your fireplace in all seasons of the year! Even in autumn or winter, the cold seasons and that we are more inclined to associate with the idea of burning wood and crackling fire.

This guide is dedicated to all those who have a fireplace at home, but also to those who do not have this privilege but would like to treat themselves to a piece of furniture that can make a difference. Here, if you don't want to give up this little luxury, in our online store you will find a collection of fireplace frames, fake decorative fireplaces that will simulate the effect of a real fireplace and ready to decorate according to your imagination.

Here is our collection of inspirations to decorate the fireplace and make it even more beautiful!

A simple and clever idea: the mirror above the fireplace

Specchio sopra caminoSource: Pinterest

Let's start with a simply classic idea for furnishing the fireplace at home: the mirror! Adding a reflective surface above the fireplace is a great idea for decorating the living room and space above the fireplace, but remember that mirrors are a great help in increasing the perceived depth of the room. Not a bad trick, especially if your living area is small.

Decorate the mantel with paintings

Abbellire la mensola del camino con i quadriSource: Pinterest

As you know, paintings look good almost anywhere in the house. Also try them as decorative elements for the mantel! This way you can create a small art gallery in the living room and enhance your fireplace even more.

Opt for abstract paintings or prints to give a modern touch to the living room, like in this photo you see above, but there are no limits to imagination and styles. Choose the paintings that best suit your home and your taste and start creating your composition to furnish the fireplace!

Lightness and imagination: furnishing the fireplace with empty frames

Cornici vuote sopra il caminoSource: Pinterest

If you don't know what to put on the mantel and you are looking for a really intriguing idea, take a look above. Just like paintings, even empty frames can be transformed into real decorative elements for the fireplace!

Choose wooden frames (even better if aged) or wrought iron to create a small country chic or Provencal setting, but you can also opt for a more minimalist and modern decorative style. Empty frames are a truly versatile and original detail to furnish the fireplace with a touch of lightness and without crowding the shelf too much.

The autumn idea: decorate the fireplace with pumpkins!

Caminetto arredato con le zuccheSource: Pinterest

The autumnal idea par excellence to decorate the fireplace! Pumpkins are a bit of a symbol of autumn (and of Halloween, of course), why not use them to decorate the fireplace before winter?

A tip: use an autumn palette by balancing the orange of the pumpkins with the brown (the color of the dead leaves) and some white elements to lighten the setting. The result? Look at the photo above and get ready to impress your guests!

Rustic style and country charm: decorate the fireplace with old vases

Caminetto rustico decorato con vasiSource: Pinterest

Still on the autumn theme: here is an idea to furnish the fireplace with old enameled amphorae, an inspiration with a rustic charm and country chic inspiration but which will also work perfectly in a Provencal style living room.

Furnish the fireplace with bricks or with wallpaper with a wall effect!

Arredare il caminetto con i mattoniSource: Pinterest

Speaking of country chic style and rustic atmospheres, here is a truly unique inspiration for you: the fireplace built in exposed brick!

Of course, it's not a very simple or cheap intervention to make, but in this case a little ingenuity is enough to replicate something similar: with a wall-effect wallpaper you can decorate the wall around the fireplace and enhance it even more.

The right light to decorate the fireplace! A game of LED lights...

Arredare un camino finto con le lucineSource: Pinterest

We close this guide dedicated to furnishing the fireplace with three inspirations to play with lighting and make the atmosphere of the living room truly irresistible.

The first idea to better illuminate your fireplace (or a fake decorative fireplace) is this: led lights to be used to create a fascinating play of light on wood logs. A very simple set-up that will make your living room more welcoming in an instant!

...the cozy warmth of candles to decorate the fireplace...

Abbellire il camino con le candeleSource: Pinterest

Candles are atmosphere and magic, why not use them to fill the mouth of the fireplace and create a "wow" effect like the one you see in the picture? Of course, you can also use small candlesticks to decorate your fireplace mantel: we bet that the whole room will immediately seem "warmer" and decorated with personality?

...and the charm of lanterns for a romantic living room with fireplace!

Arredare il camino con le lanterneSource: Pinterest

Finally, the classic of the classics: the lanterns to decorate a fireplace or a fireplace frame! An arrangement for a romantic and absolutely shabby chic living room, like the one you see in this photo.

If you want to decorate the inside of the fireplace, we recommend that you choose large lanterns, while smaller candle holders will embellish the shelf of your fireplace with style and simplicity. The lanterns are furnishing accessories with a timeless charm and you can also use them to decorate your fireplace at Christmas.


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