6 ideas to make your home cozy and create atmosphere

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How to make your home cozy in a few simple steps, a collection of inspirations and tricks to create a warm and intimate atmosphere at home!

A welcoming home is a nest of comfort and peace that immediately puts us at peace with ourselves when we return after a long day of work, or (more simply) the refuge to dedicate ourselves to relaxation and our passions. Of course, making a good impression with our guests is also important to tell something about us and welcome friends and relatives in the best possible way.

But how to make a home welcoming by creating an atmosphere? We have collected for you a series of tricks and creative ideas to make the furniture rich in warmth and give a twist to the home, a series of simple trendy tips really within everyone's reach!

Let's see them together!

How to make the house welcoming? Start from the entrance!

Ingresso di casa accoglienteSource: Pinterest

The first impression is what counts, and when it comes to making the home welcoming starting from the entrance, well ... there is nothing more true! Taking care of the atrium furnishings as much as possible is a bit like presenting your taste in interior design to someone who comes to visit you for the first time.

There are many different ways to take care of the preparation of the entrance to the house, but it takes very little to make it more welcoming. A welcome plaque to hang on the wall, for example, is a small but always elegant detail to create atmosphere and make the entrance to the house welcoming.

Adequate lighting also helps to make your atrium more alive, but (most importantly) don't overlook the details! A colorful umbrella stand, a small bench, a coat hanger with a curious design or one made by you: inevitable pieces of furniture for the entrance and that will help to make the home welcoming with simplicity and naturalness.

Create atmosphere in the house with the right lighting

Casa accogliente e luminosa

A cozy home is also a home that manages to surprise you with its brightness! Let's start with natural light: enhance it by using light curtains or (if you love the Northern European style) decorate the window sills but leaving the windows completely free from curtains. Don't forget that the colors of the walls and the furniture (particularly in a neutral palette) also contribute to amplify the brightness of the house.

If you are looking for tricks to make your home cozy, remember that artificial light also helps to create an atmosphere inside the home. Table lamps and chandeliers are essential accessories to create plays of light and shadows capable of enhancing the corners of the house and transforming it into an even more beautiful nest to live in.

All the charm of lanterns and an intimate and pleasant atmosphere

Lanterne per rendere casa accoglienteSource: Pinterest

Speaking of lighting: how to create atmosphere in the house with lanterns? These decorative accessories are essential to give a warm and enveloping atmosphere to the environment. Candles are magic and emotion, and a house illuminated by the dim light of a candle is even more beautiful, intimate, absolutely scenographic.

But the lanterns, especially if they are large, can also be used as accessories to be decorated in a thousand different ways and transformed into real pieces of furniture. Or again, why not use them as an elegant support for essence diffusers or indoor fragrances? Floral fragrances help create comfort and relaxation in a welcoming home that respects itself.

Color and warmth! All the softness of poufs

Casa accogliente con i pouf

Furnishing with poufs allows you to add color and softness throughout the house and with a very minimal investment. We are in fact talking about practical accessories and able to give an edge to the furniture making a home truly welcoming with very little effort.

The variety of colors and shapes of the poufs available on the market allows you to play with the palette and create combinations based on your favorite furnishing styles. During the winter, then, the poufs are a certainty: combined with cushions, blankets and comfortable footrests they will transform the living room into a small paradise of softness, an oasis of relaxing comfort in which to relax and spend time in company with your loved ones.

An even more welcoming home thanks to the fireplace

Camino per casa accogliente

Those lucky enough to own a fireplace will already know for sure that this decorative element is a real panacea for the living area, an accessory that can change the face of the living room with its presence. A lit fireplace, in winter, is an inexhaustible source of magic and creates a cozy atmosphere throughout the house. But a fireplace can also be decorated in summer or spring, decorated with extinguished (or colored) wood, garlands or pots of plants and attract the eyes of your guests.

You don't have a fireplace but don't want to give up the magic of this accessory? In our online store you will find a selection of decorative fireplace frames, elegant fake fireplaces to be placed at home and furnished as you wish to create atmosphere and make your home even more welcoming and "warm".

An even more lively house with photos and paintings on the walls

Decorare pareti per rendere casa accoglienteSource: Pinterest

Sometimes it is not necessary to invent great tricks to amaze those who come to visit you for the first time. Simplicity and banality are not synonymous at all costs: to make the home welcoming, very little is enough. Think about the walls in your home and the many ways you have to decorate them!

Nobody likes bare walls: why not make them more colorful and warm with some pictures or prints? Even hanging photos creating original and dynamic compositions is a good way to give movement to an anonymous wall and transform it into a corner dedicated to memories, definitely more personal and able to make the whole house even more welcoming!


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