Guide to country style furniture: rustic warmth and country atmosphere

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Are you looking for warmth and an informal touch for your home? Choose country furniture: whether you live in the city or in the countryside, find out how to recreate an impeccable rustic-chic atmosphere in your home!

Country furniture is one of those styles that everyone agrees on: who doesn't like the idea of relaxing in a rustic, simple but precious environment like the houses of the past? It doesn't matter where you live: the countryside-inspired atmospheres are relaxing in any context and put everyone at ease!

Did you know that, after spending a year at home, many Italians felt the need to escape from the city to find a simple lifestyle, linked to nature, like that of our grandparents?

Arredo in stile country

Maybe you already live in the countryside, or you are thinking about moving (in this case the country style will be the most immediate solution to take care of the furnishing of a country house); or maybe you are fine where you are but you want a change of scenery, to modify the furniture a little to make it more welcoming. In each of these cases, discovering how to create a country furniture can be the solution for you.

Before thinking about how to furnish your country style home, however, we need to reflect, because there is so much confusion on the net. What is country furniture? How does it differ from shabby chic and Provencal? And above all: is there only one type of country furniture, or can we adapt it to different styles?

Let's find out together in the next paragraph!

What is country style furniture? The essential features and variants

Arredamento in stile country: caratteristiche e variantiSource: Pinterest

By country style furniture we can mean many things. Let's do some clarity! Close your eyes and imagine a country house from a few decades ago. What do you see? Solid dark wood furniture? Stone walls? Checkered fabric? Floral ceramic plates on a rough rope-colored tablecloth? Bingo! These are all perfect examples of country furniture.

To avoid confusion, keep these simple tips in mind: compared to country chic style furniture, white and pickled colors predominate in shabby chic environments, while Provencal is more linked to the French style and dusty pastel colors. You have to imagine country furnishings a little more rustic, warm and enveloping.

The best materials for the floor are terracotta and stone; or parquet, as long as the wooden boards are large and rough looking. The curtains will be in natural linen, or they will choose checkered or floral motifs. The predominant colors, in general, are all those of the range of brown, beige and ivory.

The guidelines are these, but that doesn't mean that country style homes are all the same! We can adapt this type of furniture to different contexts.

The English country decor

Arredamento country ingleseSource: Pinterest

Now that we have the basics mastered, let's take the country style decor and transport it to the UK countryside. This way we will get the English country decor!

Imagine you are at Balmoral Castle, the Queen's (slightly) humble country residence. Let's leave aside the more eccentric elements (like hunting trophies!) And let's focus on those aspects that we can easily replicate at home.

The furnishings will be roughly the same as in the classic country style: ancient cupboards for making bread, polished walnut tables, solid wooden window frames. The difference is made by the details, such as the colors: if in the country style normally neutral colors would prevail, here the green in all its shades peeps out, from the sage color for the kitchen cabinets to the richer shades of forest green, particularly suitable for sofas and upholstery.

Or, the materials: compared to the natural fabrics we have already talked about, English country furniture prefers wallpapers with Scottish motifs or inspired by the animal world (dachshunds, hunting scenes ...). If the idea of an entire wall with these patterns seems too much, maybe opt for some pillows! Wood paneling is also an excellent idea for the walls.

In general, the English country style is perfect for the furnishings of country houses. If you live in the city and don't want to overdo it, the next paragraph is for you!

The modern country furniture

Arredamento country modernoSource: Pinterest

Maybe you don't want to furnish an entire house in country style, but just get inspired by this mood to give a more rustic touch to your apartment. Here we are: modern country furniture is for you!

The key is all in one word: contrasts. Take a typical element of country style furniture and mix it with something modern and essential. An example? A large solid wood table, perhaps with a slightly worn look, will be beautiful combined with transparent plexiglass chairs.

If your home has a basic and contemporary style, for a perfect modern country décor, distribute rustic elements here and there, such as a dark wood dresser, a wrought iron basin, a checked rug or decorative crates in raw wood. A stone-clad wall will be the added touch of style.

On the contrary, if your home already has purely country elements (such as a brick fireplace or a ceiling with exposed beams), lighten as much as possible with impalpable curtains, modern chandeliers, designer mirrors and super essential-looking clocks.

In short: for a home in perfect modern country style, think outside the box and have fun mixing styles. In this way you will make the rustic atmosphere of the country houses more current, adapting it to any context.

Furnishing your home in a country chic style: room by room tips!

Arredare casa in stile country chicSource: Pinterest

What if you have to furnish an entire cottage? Or designing the style of your new home from scratch? Don't worry: let's discover together, room by room, how to furnish impeccably country.

There is only one rule to follow to get impeccable country houses: keep a warm, simple, ancient atmosphere. But, as we have seen, there is no single way to this style. We will limit you to giving you guidelines for country decor, then it will be up to you to add a personal touch to the environment!

The country living room: the realm of conviviality

Come arredare un soggiorno country chicSource: Pinterest

What's cozier than a country living room? A roaring fire, soft armchairs to relax in, an old bookcase from which to draw your favorite novel ... A marvel!

To recreate the perfect country living room we start from the living room: usually the most popular colors for sofas and armchairs range from ivory to brown, passing through the whole range of beige. The upholstery will be a fabric with a rough texture, but leather (especially if dark brown) is also very suitable. And the more it is lived, the more beautiful it will become.

Blankets and pillows will have to be many: you prefer Scottish or countryside-inspired patterns and woe to choose them all the same! The mix & match will give your country living room a warm and informal look.

A fireplace is always a good idea, but what if there is no chimney in the house? No problem: a well-set fireplace frame like one of those you find in our store will be an excellent solution! Finally, a dark wood bookcase and a beautiful sideboard like those of the past will complete the country atmosphere of your living room.

The ancient charm of country-style kitchens

Arredo country per cucineSource: Pinterest

In this part of the house, country furniture means only one thing: built-in kitchens! Romantic, nostalgic and with an enveloping atmosphere, the built-in kitchen (real or fake) has a decidedly old-time flavor.

Choose rustic finishes for walls and tiles and know that, for the wall units, the whole range that goes from ivory to brown of wood is ideal. With the exception of green as an original and effective alternative, ideal for country furniture. Checkered curtains and oven covers will be the final touch of class. And don't forget that, often, authentic treasures are hidden in the markets and in our attics: copper pots. Hanging on the wall, or even the ceiling if you have a kitchen with an island, will make your country style kitchen even more precious.

If you have an open space that also includes the dining room, a large wooden table with a solid and massive look, typical of country house furnishings, will be an indispensable element. And at this point the real fun begins: choosing plates, glasses and tablecloths "stolen" from grandmothers for the mise en place! Just like in the dinners of the past, simple, noisy and full of warmth. Sitting at the table will be a party every day.

The perfect country bedroom

Arredo camera da letto in stile countrySource: Pinterest

And for the most intimate room in the house, the refuge par excellence? Again, there is no single rule. But there are some constants. Every self-respecting country bedroom usually has a wrought iron bed and a large wooden wardrobe. The curtains will look lighter than those chosen for the living area and can match the warm and neutral tones of blankets and sheets. A rug, especially if you opt for a stone or terracotta floor, will be essential to add warmth to the room.

Finally, how about an antique trunk or a rustic-looking bench to place at the foot of the bed? An element of sure effect for your country bedroom!

Now that you know how to recreate a country décor in your home, choose the style variant that suits you best and have fun recreating it in every room. And even if you live in an apartment in the center, breathing the simple and welcoming air of the houses of the past will help you to live more happily!


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