A guide to furnishing in coastal style: shabby chic and maritime elegance!

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Shabby chic elegance and restful marine atmospheres: here is our guide to furnishing in coastal style, for a home with romantic and restful colors!

Who wouldn't like to enjoy the summer all year round? Well, there is a way to bring the magic and the spirit of the ocean within the home, and it's the coastal style furniture!

We had already given you several ideas for decorating in a nautical style, but today we want to tell you about the coastal style, too often confused with the actual marine decor.

This guide was written in collaboration with Lucy Savoie-Lawicki, a passionate blogger of coastal style and with a splendid Instagram profile named @beachgidget that we strongly advise you to follow: you will find many inspirations and ideas for your home!

Furnish in coastal style: sea colors and shabby chic elegance

When we talk about coastal furnishings, we often tend to confuse this style with the actual marine style. Of course, the main element from which we start is always the sea and its colors, but the real difference is that the coastal style is a mix of marine atmospheres and shabby chic elegance.

Balcone in stile coastal - © Lucy Savoie-Lawicki

One of the main elements is the brightness, which must recall that of the houses by the sea. Off to light furniture or in a neutral palette, even better if they are white and if painted with a pickled technique so as to obtain a lived-in trendy effect that recalls that of wood consumed by the sun and salt.

Also the walls must resume the marine colors: paint them in a light color, or in the various shades of blue and aqua green. If instead you prefer the romantic atmosphere of the winter sea, gray will be the perfect choice!

The coastal style kitchen: elegance of other times

Furnishing the kitchen in a coastal style means creating a balanced mix between the atmospheres of the ocean and the details that characterize the country chic atmospheres. Choose carefully the textiles, possibly in white and light blue stripes and with a slightly rough weave.

Cucina in stile coastal - © Lucy Savoie-Lawicki

Create an environment with a rustic charm, but characterized by pastel colors in all shades of blue and blue. As a break color, pink is an elegant and typically shabby chic solution.

From the beach to the house: the coastal style living room

A living area in coastal style is an oasis of pleasure and relaxation: if you close your eyes you can hear the sound of the sea in the distance and get lost in a restful marine atmosphere. Eye to the colors, as always: a palette that goes from white to blue will be perfect, with beige that will recall the color of sand and will be a warm shade to be used in contrast.

Salotto in stile coastal - © Lucy Savoie-Lawicki

In a coastal living room you can let your imagination run wild and play with accessories stolen from the beach. Wood, stones, small boats and fishing nets ... if you are looking for some ideas, come and read our guide to marine-style decorations, you will find many inspirations that are also valid for a coastal style stay.

The coastal style bathroom: a dive where the water is bluer

To create a coastal-style toilet you can take inspiration from the Provencal style contaminating it with the colors of the sea. Choose bathroom furniture with care: a white shabby pickled cabinet will bring a breath of freshness and will be an excellent space-saving solution.

Toilette in stile coastal - © Lucy Savoie-Lawicki

A perfectly organized coastal toilet also needs the right accessories: the wooden crates are perfect as towel racks, especially if you decide to use slightly pickled gray containers for a refreshing touch.

Romantic freshness: the coastal bedroom

If you want to treat yourself to a coastal bedroom with a refreshing and romantic marine atmosphere, start studying the brightness of the room well to make it even more restful. You can start with bed linen, white as the sea foam with some blue or light blue elements.

Camera in stile coastal - © Lucy Savoie-Lawicki

Even the furniture is very important to obtain a romantic coastal bedroom: a white pickled bedside table and a chest of drawers in a color palette that recalls the shades of the winter sea will be a choice of sure effect. For an environment that is even more suffused and restful, go on the safe side with lanterns, scenic and in full coastal style

All pictures credits © Lucy Savoie-Lawicki


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