5 ideas and decorations to furnish in marine style

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Trendy ideas and decorations to furnish a house in a marine style and to bring a breath of colorful summer freshness to the whole house! Come and read our guide with lots of tips and creative ideas for your productions!

Decorating in a marine style means bringing home the colors and atmospheres of summer, an oasis of relaxing freshness in which to let yourself go and enjoy small moments of happiness! In our blog you can find a detailed guide to nautical decor, but on this occasion we want to give you a series of ideas, hints of trend and decorations to make your home even more beautiful with seafaring charm!

A collection of tips and suggestions for decorating with marine-themed creative do-it-yourself, useful both for those who are looking for original ideas to furnish their home and for wanting to start thinking about how to furnish a beach house in view of the holidays.

Our creative ideas for decorating a house in a marine style: the basic rules!

First of all: when we want to furnish in a marine style, we have to keep in mind a few essential basic rules to give us an atmosphere of restful summer freshness.

Come arredare casa in stile marinaro

Let's start with the colors: blue and white are fundamental, even if this style of furniture does not exclude the various shades of marine colors or some shades of breaks like beige. The wood, then, must become the great protagonist of the house, especially in the accessories and in the marine decorations, perhaps combined with the glass. Finally, prints and fabrics should never be lacking in a home decorated in a marine style, as well as naval objects or decorations with shells.

How to decorate a seafaring house: let's start with lanterns!

Well, if you're wondering how to decorate your home in a nautical style with the right details of decoration, we can only start with lanterns! The romantic light of candles is perfect to create an even more intimate atmosphere: combine them with small starfish, shells or objects in naval style and they will give that extra touch that will make the difference.

Arredare in stile marinaro con le lanterne

These beautiful handmade wooden lanterns have been made by Emozioni ShabbyChic, and if you are looking for marine-themed decorations we suggest you take a look at his creations!

Arredare in stile marinaro - lanterne in legno di Emozioni ShabbyChic

You can find splendid decorative lanterns also in our online store, in many different styles and sizes, perfect for the whole house as well as to make a balcony or garden even more beautiful.

Decorate a fireplace frame with marine decorations

Now we come to the fireplace frame, a very fashionable piece of furniture that we tend to associate with winter. In reality, thanks to a few targeted marine decorations, you can set up a fireplace frame even in view of the summer and make it an integral part of a marine decor!

Decorare una cornice camino in stile marinaresco

Stones and sticks stolen from the beach, starfish, a few glass bottles, a candle ... decorating your fake fireplace for the summer is really easier than you think. White and blue decorations and accessories will be perfect, as will an aquatic green and beige to break the palette of marine inspiration. A delightful setting with a coastal charm, a shabby chic style jewel in its summer variant.

You can choose a more classic model, like the one you see in the picture, or give yourself a white fireplace frame with a delicate floral inlay, charming and delicate: a piece of furniture that will bring a small revolution in the living room...even during the summer !

A DIY centerpiece for decorating a kitchen in a marine style

For deco and creative do-it-yourself enthusiasts, here is a wonderful idea from the blogger L'agenda di Mamma Bea: the sea-themed centerpiece! Simple to make, colorful and perfect to decorate a marine-style kitchen table, or to place on the veranda or in the garden.

Il centrotavola a tema marino de L'Agenda di Mamma Bea

It's called "The tray of the sea", a decoration in coastal style that is very simple to make. Ah, and remember that in our online store you will find a series of wooden boxes to decorate and ideal if you love to experiment with creative recycling!

Furnish a house in a marine style with nautical-themed objects and decorations

The nautical-themed objects are certainly a great classic when it comes to decorating a house decorated in a marine style. Boats, small anchors and rudders, fishing nets, wooden boards...the possibilities are so many! Even the glass bottles left natural or colored and filled with sand are always a splendid effect, as are the rope decorations, a variant closer to the coastal style and with a shabby chic look.

Arredare in stile marino con oggetti a tema nautico

However, the use of wood, left natural or painted in white and blue, the most important colors of marine furniture, is essential. Here below you can find some creations of Emozioni ShabbyChic, ideal decorations for a beach house or for those who want to bring a bit of marine style to their home!

Arredare in stile marinaro - oggettistica nautica di Emozioni ShabbyChic

Arredare in stile marinaro - decorazioni estive di Emozioni ShabbyChic

Decorations with shells, a classic for decorating in a marine style

We close with a great classic of the marine style: the decorations with shells! Even in this case, you can free your imagination and create stylish settings with creative recycling. The shells are perfect to create necklaces or garlands to hang outside the door of a house by the sea or in a living room in marine style, but not only.

Arredamento in stile marinaro - decorazioni con conchiglie

If you enjoy decoupage, use a little liquid wax to create delicious candle holders, but you can also use shells to fill glass bottles or to decorate wooden boxes for use as flower boxes.

Arredo marino - homedecor con conchiglie


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