The boho chic garden: 5 ideas to make it truly unique!

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Do you love ethnic atmospheres and do you want to recreate them also in your outdoor spaces? Find out how to decorate a colorful boho chic garden with a unique style!

Spring, the desire to be outdoors and enjoy the beautiful days ... If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space and you love the colorful and eccentric style of furniture, why not create a delightful boho chic garden to enjoy relaxation or the company of your loved ones?

As you may already know, boho chic furniture is a mix of vintage, colonial and ethnic elements, a furnishing trend for those with a globetrotting spirit and love colorful atmospheres! 

So, if you already know and love this style of furniture, there is good news for you: you can create a boho style setting even in your outdoor spaces. In this small guide we want to suggest 5 furnishing elements for a truly original, unique and super cozy boho chic garden!

Use colorful rugs and cushions for the boho chic garden

Giardino boho chic con tappeti e poufSource: Pinterest

In a boho chic garden that respects itself, softness and color must go hand in hand! To make the most of your outdoor space and create a colorful setting, you first need two truly essential elements: rugs and cushions.

How to best choose the textile elements for a boho-style garden? Well, first of all we advise you to prefer ethnic and colored textures to create a polychrome relaxation corner. Then, of course, don't neglect comfort: cushions of various sizes or outdoor poufs are the best to enjoy a nice evening in your boho chic garden!

The beauty of imperfections! Decorate your boho garden with salvaged elements

Giardino in stile boho con mobili di recuperoSource: Pinterest

When you decide to decorate your garden in a boho chic style, there is a verb that should be your guiding spirit: dare! Brave combinations, color and material contrasts... Everything contributes to creating a fascinating boho setting, even the imperfections!

Choosing recycled furniture or old pieces of furniture to furnish a boho chic garden is an excellent solution to accentuate the lived and eccentric character of your setting without having to spend a fortune. An old sofa that you no longer use, fruit crates, wicker baskets or used containers ... Everything can come in handy to create something truly unique!

Rustic elegance: the boho chic garden set up with pallets

Giardino boho con bancaliSource: Pinterest

Still on the theme of creative DIY and creative recycling, even creations made with old pallets will look great in a boho chic garden!

Furnishing the garden with pallets is very simple, it is fun and stimulates creativity. These cheap and solid rustic pallets lend themselves to many different uses and allow you to give free rein to your imagination: why not use them to create a sofa to be placed in your relaxation corner? In a boho chic style garden it will really look great and add so much extra comfort!

Evocative ethnic atmospheres: light up your boho-style garden with lanterns

Lanterne e illuminazione per giardino in stile boho chicSource: Pinterest

Among the decorative accessories to make your boho chic garden even more magical, lanterns cannot be missing! Soft, scenographic and intimate lighting will be the truly personal touch to make your setting spectacular and enjoy the garden during the long summer evenings.

Candelabra and "cluster" lights will still be fine for a boho chic style garden, but the lanterns really have an edge. Opt for large models in a Moroccan or Turkish style, decorated with arabesques with an ethnic charm and your boho chic garden will literally change its appearance. In our online store you will find a series of ethnic lanterns in many different sizes and colors, elegant accessories that you can also use to illuminate your garden in boho style!

The extra touch of style: the boho chic garden with the swing!

Giardino boho chic con dondoloSource: Pinterest

Finally, the real touch of class for your boho chic garden: a nice swing to rock you while you read a good book and to create a fabulous and super scenic setting!

The symbol of boho chic furniture is actually the hammock, but a rocking chair or a small handmade swing will do just fine. They will make your outdoor space even more welcoming, decidedly unique and will give an atmosphere full of charm to your boho-style garden!


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