Boho chic furniture: ideas for a perfect bohemian home

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Globetrotter spirit? Discover all the secrets for a dreamy boho chic decor. A guide to set up a house that reflects your nomadic spirit!

It is known, for those who feel a little nomadic inside, it is not easy to plant roots! But in the end we all need a place to feel at home and recharge our batteries. And if it is a home that smells of distant travel and reflects our globetrotter personality...even better.

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The solution that meets all these needs exists and is boho chic furnishings. The term "boho" stands for bohemian and identifies young artists of the early twentieth century: free spirits, nonconformists and citizens of the world. Over time that of the boho chic style has become a popular trend, from clothing to furnishings...up to the preparation of weddings!

But how to recreate a perfect boho chic decor in your own home? Fortunately, it is not difficult, even if you have a home already furnished: in this guide we will discover the most suitable furniture, but also many tips to transform the atmosphere by simply changing the accessories. Let's begin!

Furniture for free spirits: the identikit of the boho chic house

Casa in stile bohemien

What distinguishes boho chic style furniture?

Well, you immediately recognize the bohemian house: it is the portrait of those who live there! A person always projected elsewhere, committed to daydreaming about his next trip. Holding it too long is impossible, just as it is impossible to catalog a boho style house: it is an eclectic mix of styles that combines vintage and colonial influences with hippie chic (like macramé dream catchers) and ethnic (like braided tapestries).

It will hardly be a minimalist home! Rather, it will be full of details: rugs, cushions, plants, wall decorations. In the boho chic house you may even find some out of place objects, but its charm is all there: it is the cheerful imperfection of the bohemian decor that puts guests in a good mood, making them feel at ease from the first minute.

There is no single base for creating a boho chic style: tropical, natural, vintage, shabby, even Nordic furnishings...everything lends itself to a theme restyling! In the next paragraphs we will find out which colors and materials to favor and which furniture to choose to integrate the furniture.

The palette of the perfect bohemian house

I colori per una casa boho chic

As we said, bohemian is an eclectic style. You can visit a hundred boho chic houses and you would find them profoundly different from each other! This kind of furniture is so personal that it shapes a lot on the style of those who live in it. Certainly, however, bohemian decor also has recurring characteristics. Starting from the color palette.

Imagine all the shades of a desert camp: the beige of the sand, the ivory of the tents, the terracotta color of the vases, the warm spicy shades of the fabrics, the wood of the fences. This is the pattern you should follow, adding a few small touches of expertly measured black and, of course, the green of many plants. What if the color of the floor is not suitable for your palette? Don't worry: choose some nice rugs (the bohemian house is full of rugs!) And you'll be able to camouflage it without too much effort.

Decorazioni per casa boho chic

For the walls he favors white and neutral tones, but he considers the idea of painting a single wall to emphasize the room. The colors of spices such as turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, saffron are perfect. Even a wallpaper is fine, as long as it is in theme: jungle patterns and tropical subjects are the top for boho chic decor!

A daring mix of styles: how to choose boho chic furniture

The bohemian decor is actually a mixture of styles. You don't have to follow a strict pattern, on the contrary: the slightly daring combinations work very well!

I mobili per un arredamento in stile boho chic

If you have the opportunity to buy the furniture you prefer, prefer materials with a natural finish: go-ahead for rattan, wicker and woven fibers. Wood is a passepartout, both dark (for a reference to the colonial style) and light; the important thing is that it has a warm shade, not tending to gray. Mixing it with bleached wood in shabby style you will get a more contemporary, very chic style.

Alternate new furniture with vintage elements, such as the classic Viennese woven straw chairs, and do not worry too much about combining the finishes to perfection: bohemian furniture lives on contrasts! If you follow a consistent color scheme and use the right materials, you will see that the ensemble will still be very harmonious. The only thing you should avoid is very modern furniture and lacquered surfaces.

Baskets, vases, rugs: all boho design accessories to decorate your home

Tessuti per casa boho

Every self-respecting bohemian chic house has a slightly hippie soul. Which means: ban on minimalism! To recreate this style to perfection, you will have to bounce boho design accessories.

Let's start with fabrics, undisputed protagonists of boho chic furnishings. Use woven rugs with Berber motifs, fill the sofa with embroidered or macrame cushions and choose a folk-style blanket as a bedspread. Placing a wicker basket next to the armchair, full of light rolled plaids, is a simple but scenographic idea. By the way: wicker baskets are just that kind of low-cost accessory with which you should abound! If you have large houseplants (perfect cacti) they will also be beautiful as a pot cover.

Idee per casa bohemien

Pottery is another protagonist of boho chic design. Create floor compositions with terracotta pots of different sizes and fill some with neutral-colored dried flowers. It is forbidden to combine colors and shapes maniacally: the more different the vases, the better!

Finally, it abounds with wall decorations: painted plates, dream catchers, hanging baskets and fabric tapestries are perfect to complete a boho chic decor.

The boho chic garden: wild style even outdoors

Giardino boho chic

SIf you like boho chic furniture, but you don't feel like revolutionizing the home...good news for you: this kind of furniture is also perfect for outdoors!

Setting up a boho chic garden (or a terrace) is very simple. Rattan sofas and tables are typical of this style, so use them without fear! Reclaimed wood furniture is also ideal, perhaps built with a pallet.

Choose an outdoor carpet (possibly not plain, but with a nice ethnic style motif) and fill it with poufs and cushions: you will give your boho garden a welcoming and comfortable look. And on summer evenings it will be great to relax lying on the ground!

Finally, complete with accessories: the garlands of lights, as well as the wicker baskets, lanterns and green plants are essential. If you want to create a truly suggestive atmosphere, then, have fun building a sort of curtain with light and impalpable fabrics and hidden lights. We are sure that it will become your favorite corner of your boho chic garden...if not the whole house!


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