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An elegant white and brown table lamp, elegant and with a heart-shaped photo frame at the base. A perfect bedside lamp for a bedside table or a desk!

29.99 EUR

A romantic light wood shabby table lamp, embellished with three small heart-shaped photo frames. A perfect bedside lamp for a Provencal room!

42.99 EUR

Wall lamp in brown wood, with a lampshade that resembles a woven wicker basket. Ideal for the wall of a vintage or shabby room.

30.99 EUR

An elegant vintage-style ceiling chandelier reminiscent of woven wicker baskets, also perfect for decorating a Scandinavian-style room.

58.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items


Table lamps are a decorative and functional piece of furniture and they can never be missing in every corner of the house!

An abat-jour is essential to read a good book before going to bed and to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Table lamps are also a valuable aid for study or work if placed on a desk.

Functionality and aesthetics, we said, because thanks to the table lamps we can enhance even more an environment thanks to fascinating plays of light and shadow. Whether it's LED lamps, modern, design, shabby or classic abat-jour, these furnishing accessories can be found in every corner of the house. The only limit, as always, is your imagination!

In our catalog you will find a selection of table lamps for all tastes, of various sizes, styles and price ranges. Take a few minutes to study our proposals and carefully choose the lamp that best matches your home's style.


The lampshade is the table lamp par excellence, and its natural habitat is obviously the sleeping area. Actually, our shabby chic lampshades are indeed the ideal piece of furniture for a romantic bedroom, but you can also use them to enhance a small chest of drawers or a small living room cabinet with a fascinating play of light.

If you love the Provençal or country atmosphere, give your bedroom a touch of romance with one of our shabby table lamps: our models are equipped with small heart-shaped photo frames and the shades of the lampshades combine perfectly with the antiqued and pickled chromatic shades.

Finally, some advice on light games! Eye to the color and shapes of the lampshades: a light color will spread a more intense and clear light, while a dark lampshade will give a more opaque and muffled lighting. The cylindrical shape of the bedside lamp will concentrate the light beam downwards or upwards, while if you want to play with light and shadow cuts and create more articulated effects, opt for an "umbrella" lampshade.


For lovers of the contemporary and minimal style of furniture we have selected a series of metal design table lamps, elegant and useful both at home and in the office.

A modern table lamp allows you to play with lighting and create scenographic light cuts. Among our proposals you can find "traditional" design lamps, adjustable and with a discreet charm, and other more eccentric proposals dedicated to those who want to give themselves a lamp with the most courageous features, with shades ranging from black to copper.