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Decorative frame for fireplace in inlaid light wood. An indispensable piece of furniture in every self-respecting shabby chic living room!

137.99 EUR

Shabby fireplace in pickled gray wood, original and very refined. To be used as a decorative frame (perhaps for an electric fireplace!) In a shabby chic living room.

134.99 EUR

A colorful umbrella stand, practical and elegant. With its modern decoration it will make the entry of your home or office more welcoming and pleasant.

32.99 EUR

Pretty shabby wine cabinet in white wood: an excellent cabinet for the kitchen, large and not bulky. Its storage compartments can hold up to 24 bottles.

86.99 EUR

Trask basket ideal for throwing papers, tissues, and office waste. It can be positioned next to the desk in the office, bedroom or kids room. The dimensions of this waste bin make it suitable also for bathroom.

19.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 24 of 42 items