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The wooden boxes are the perfect solution for those looking for light and not bulky objects and a decorative accessory for the living room or for the whole house.
Of decorative wooden boxes there are many different models and you are really spoiled for choice. In our catalog you can find many wooden containers, boxes decorated with prints and reminiscent of those used to hold fruit.
Take a few minutes to peek into our proposals, and if you have doubts or curiosity contact us well: we will be happy to advise you the best!


The wooden baskets are absolutely versatile decorative elements and allow you to furnish with style. Let yourself be inspired and free your creativity!
If you love decoupage and creative recycling, try to imagine how these wooden boxes could go to enrich every corner of the house. In the kitchen (if you love country style) they can be used to store fruit or as original shelves, or you can turn them into beautiful centerpieces for an industrial living room. In the bathroom or in the laundry area they can become an original laundry basket, while in outdoor areas they will turn into a rustic and a little shabby vase.
Have fun decorating with wooden boxes, because the possibilities are truly endless!


Wooden storage boxes are also a perfect storage solution for the whole house and will help you keep a room tidy. After all, a tidy house is a nicer house!
Even here there are many possible uses: in the living room you can use them to store newspapers and magazines, while in the kids' room they will help you keep the toys tidy.
Our wooden boxes are also a wonderful practical and space saving solution: when you do not use them you can easily fit them inside one another in comfort!