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Trask basket ideal for throwing papers, tissues, and office waste. It can be positioned next to the desk in the office, bedroom or kids room. The dimensions of this waste bin make it suitable also for bathroom.

19.99 EUR

A colorful umbrella stand, practical and elegant. With its modern decoration it will make the entry of your home or office more welcoming and pleasant.

32.99 EUR

A white umbrella stand with a black polka dot pattern, a design accessory perfect to give an extra touch to the entrance of a modern home.

28.99 EUR

An elegant umbrella stand decorated with a pattern of white and pink flowers, a perfect accessory to give your home entrance an extra touch of elegance.

25.99 EUR

An elegant white umbrella stand decorated with a blue flower pattern, perfect to make the entrance of your home even more beautiful and if you love vintage and shabby style.

24.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items


The umbrella stand is an accessory often underestimated when it comes to furniture: a useful furnishing accessory (if not essential!) But with little appeal from the point of view of beauty or homedecor.
Nothing more wrong! There are really many shapes, sizes and styles of umbrella stands. A functional furnishing element rich in style to furnish and decorate with taste the entrance of the house, or an office or a commercial space.
Come and discover our catalog of umbrella stands, a selection of modern or vintage style accessories that can be combined with any type of furniture.


An umbrella stand is a piece of furniture that should never miss the entrance. It will bring a touch of color to make the entrance even more welcoming: an essential decorative element, able to furnish with little and enhance even more our taste in furnishing
In our catalog you will surely find the umbrella stand that will do for you. In wood or metal, decorated with a vintage motif, with a delicate floral theme or with a black & white theme for those who love modern style. A collection of umbrella stands for all tastes!


Our umbrella stand models are perfect for different uses and purposes. Moreover, it is a piece of furniture essential also for the entry of an office, a waiting room or a commercial space.
A decorative umbrella stand is a brighter alternative than the classic umbrella box a bit cold and boring, and will add a touch of informality to an environment without being over the top.