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An elegant brown chest of drawers with four drawers, perfect for a shabby-style bedroom or as a jewelry box for the bathroom in your home.

55.99 EUR

A brown vintage dresser chest of drawers, with six drawers, an ideal piece of furniture for the bedroom or bathroom in your home.

34.99 EUR

A jewelry box with four drawers, ideal for storing small items of costume jewelry or cosmetics. Perfect for the bedroom or the bathroom in your home.

24.99 EUR

An elegant white table chest of drawers with a pink flower pattern, a small vintage-style jewelry box for the bedroom or the entrance of the house.

24.99 EUR

A small jewelry box in full vintage style, white and decorated with a delicate pattern with blue flowers. Ideal also for those who love shabby delicacy.

24.99 EUR

A nice table jewelry box with 6 empty compartments and six color drawers, to complete the furnishing of a modern and informal bedroom or a bathroom.

41.99 EUR

A drawer-style jewelry box in modern style, also equipped with two photo frames (one white, the other black). An original and unconventional gift idea!

28.99 EUR

A small table drawer unit with a modern design, with a black frame and three drawers, ideal as a jewelry box for a modern or Scandinavian style.

42.99 EUR

A small modern jewelry box perfect for a Scandinavian bedroom or for the bathroom. Black in color, it has four light wooden drawers and three compartments.

41.99 EUR

A small black table drawer unit with three drawers in natural wood, a jewelry box in a modern style perfect for the bedroom or the bathroom.

29.99 EUR

A small long table dresser with a black frame and four drawers decorated with a minimal motif. Ideal as a small organizer for a contemporary bedroom!

30.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items


Table-top drawers and jewelry boxes are in every respect the style details that never go unnoticed, despite the small size! They are very useful accessories that you can also use as decorative elements in various corners of the house.
In our catalog you can find a series of jewelry boxes and small drawers in modern style or decorated with delicate floral motifs. A selection of elegant organizers that can be combined with all styles of furniture!


Our jewelry boxes are perfect to be used as an organizer for tricks or jewels and to have them always with you, ordered and at your fingertips. Obviously, a small case of this type should not only be useful but also beautiful: the eye wants its part and a design organizer or vintage charm becomes in effect part of the home furnishings.
Our small desk drawers can be used in the bedroom, as a bedside organizer, or as a bathroom accessory!


Among our proposals you will find many small drawers of different sizes and styles and to be used according to your needs or your imagination!
A small organizer with compartments and drawers is perfect as an original kitchen spice rack, to be kept close at hand near the kitchenette or inside a cupboard.
Take a few minutes to browse through our catalog and let yourself be inspired: you'll find a wooden mail box, an office organizer and elegant jewelry boxes with photo frames. Small style details for the whole house!