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A beautiful white bookshelf with a spike design, a modern bookshelf that will gracefully decorate any room in your home. From the office to the living area!

77.99 EUR

A modern and versatile high and narrow bookcase, with minimal lines and an elegant brown oak color. Combined with a modern or Scandinavian environment.

73.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 24 of 28 items


Have you ever noticed that bookcases and shelves are the furniture that collect our interests and passions? Objects that we like, books, CDs, plants. Our collections deserve the best possible frame. It makes no sense to buy beautiful knick-knacks, hardcover books and DVDs in special editions, and then sacrifice them on an anonymous looking shelf!
Our bookcases and shelves in our catalog are a stylish addition to any room in your home. In the living room, in the bedroom, or in a room used as a study: cabinets and shelves with a modern design and suitable for many different uses.
Take a few minutes, carefully browse through our proposals and find the furniture with shelves that's right for you!


Buying a bookstore in line with the style of home furnishings is a real survival issue. Our design bookcases are bookshelf furniture that you can fill with your favorite readings, record collections or even seedlings, knick-knacks or photo frames.
A bookshop attracts the curiosity of those who enter our home for the first time, do not forget it. He says all of us! Our design bookcases adapt perfectly to a modern and strong personality, characterized by geometric lines and neutral yet elegant colors. That's why these cabinets can also be used in the office or in a home office.


When choosing a shelf unit, whether it is a high and narrow bookcase or a low shelf, you should take into account two fundamental aspects: aesthetics and functionality. Our staircases are the perfect combination of design elegance and versatility!
Evaluate your needs well and make the most of the potential of a scale library. Shelf for objects in the living room, ladder for plants in a covered terrace or veranda, elegant frame for a collection of records in the bedroom: a piece of furniture for this type is an essential element to furnish the house in a pleasant and well organized !