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Decorative frame for fireplace in inlaid light wood. An indispensable piece of furniture in every self-respecting shabby chic living room!

137.99 EUR

Shabby fireplace in pickled gray wood, original and very refined. To be used as a decorative frame (perhaps for an electric fireplace!) In a shabby chic living room.

134.99 EUR

A classic white decorative fireplace frame. A small revolution for the living area of your home, an accessory full of style and elegance.

130.99 EUR

A black decorative MDF fireplace frame, in classic style but also perfect for a modern living room. To start a style revolution for your living area!

130.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items


The fireplace is the decorative element par excellence, the accessory that gives more warmth and atmosphere to the home. Of course, we do not all have the ability to be the owners of a real fireplace. But why renounce it altogether? Try a faux decorative fireplace!
The fireplace frame is a piece of furniture that has become very trendy in recent years. A graceful and light decorative frame to recreate the intimate and cozy atmosphere of a real fireplace, and an accessory that will allow you to change the face of your living room with a very low cost.
Take a few minutes to carefully browse through our proposals and prepare for a little revolution!


A fireplace frame matches perfectly with an environment furnished in shabby chic style, but it is a piece of furniture that, depending on the style, can become an integral part of every style of furniture.
In our catalog you can find a selection of models and colors that can satisfy every need. A faux painted fireplace with pickled technique will obviously be a great addition to a shabby chic lounge, while a white fireplace frame with sober and elegant lines will really adapt to all styles of furniture, from the most classic to the most modern.


A fireplace frame is an intelligent addition to the room, and you can decorate it like a shelf. Free your imagination and go hunting for the right accessories to make the most of it, perhaps rummaging in the markets or antique shops.
To make it even more beautiful a fireplace frame is missing only one thing: the right lighting! Even here you will be spoiled for choice: a candle holder or a lantern are perfect scenographic solutions for a vintage or shabby atmosphere, while if you love modern or minimal style try to set up your faux fireplace with LED lights. In both cases, the glance will be truly wonderful!