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A large triangular sun shade sail with 5 meter long sides. A scenographic parasol perfect for the garden, or to create shaded areas outside a bar or a kiosk.

43.99 EUR

A beige triangular shade sail, with 3.6 meters long sides. A scenographic and easy to assemble sunshade, perfect also as a boat awning.

29.99 EUR

An elegant triangular beige sun shade sail with 3-meter sides, a modern design solution to create a shaded area in the garden and enjoy a beautiful sunny day!

23.99 EUR

A square beige shading sail with 3.6 meters long sides, easy to assemble and transport. Try it as a camping tent!

42.99 EUR

For a garden, a terrace or an outdoor area: our square awning is a modern, scenographic parasol, alternative to the classic parasols.

73.99 EUR

A beige rectangular shade sail, with sides of 4 and 5 meters in length. A versatile and simple to install parasol.

68.99 EUR

A scenic beige shade shaded sail that is easy to assemble. Use it to set up a small corner of relaxation in view of the beautiful season!

30.99 EUR

A scenographic rectangular curtain, functional and easy to assemble. You can always carry it with you and it is also perfect as a camping tent or as a boat awning.

44.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items


It is said that "even the eye wants its part", and indeed with a sail awning would undoubtedly give a dramatic touch of great impact to the external environment!
Our sail awnings are perfect for those who want to set up a relaxation corner in the garden or by the pool, or to shade a large terrace or balcony. In our catalog you will also find larger size sail awnings and also recommended for a commercial activity.


A sail awning is the ideal purchase for you if you have a garden or a terrace and you want to enjoy a beautiful sunny day! With this shade sail you can also make your garden even more beautiful and scenic with a touch of modern design.
Setting up a small relax corner in the garden or on the terrace is really simple and you will need very few accessories. You can use chairs and stools to combine with a low table (alternatively you can also use comfortable bean bag!), A perfect corner for a coffee with family or friends.
Alternatively, why not try one of our comfortable hammocks? In the garden, and thanks to a shading sail, it will be your little corner of paradise to read a book in total relaxation, listen to some music ... or for siesta!


Inside the package you will find your new triangular outdoor awning, a zippered case and a mounting kit consisting of three stainless steel rings and three ropes for fixing the sail.
The awning is made of HDPE polyethylene, a material resistant to traction and wear, odorless and non-toxic. The material has been subjected to UV stabilization, a processing process that allows the awning to block ultraviolet rays (it reflects more than 95% of UV rays).
To mount the awning, use the supplied ropes, making them pass inside the steel rings. So you can spread the sail according to your needs and needs. We advise you to slightly incline the awning when it is fixed: in this way you will favor the outflow of rainwater, thus avoiding the formation of stagnation on the surface of the tent itself.