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A 3 x 3 white gazebo, ideal for those who love outdoor life! Equipped with an adjustable height structure, easy to assemble and transport.

77.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 outdoor blue gazebo, versatile and suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. From fairs to domestic use, a marquee perfect for the summer.

76.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 folding red gazebo, an ideal tensile structure for every type of use: excellent in the garden or on the terrace, but also perfect for professional use.

76.99 EUR

Easy to assemble and versatile, our 3 x 3 green gazebo with accordion opening is a must-have accessory for any kind of oudoor activity.

76.99 EUR

A white gazebo of dimensions 3 x 3 meters, with legs adjustable in height and provided with weights for fixing to the ground. Ideal for all oudoor activities!

85.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 blue gazebo with an accordion and folding opening, provided with weights for fixing. Ideal as a garden gazebo or as a canvas for fairs or markets.

84.99 EUR

A practical 3 x 3 folding red gazebo with weights, with adjustable legs and waterproof tarpaulin. Easy to transport and mountable in just a few minutes.

84.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 green gazebo perfect for the garden, the terrace or for a large number of oudoor activities. Equipped with adjustable legs and with a waterproof tarpaulin.

84.99 EUR

A 3 x 4,5 white gazebo is an ideal tensile structure for professional use. Resistant, easy to assemble and transport thanks to the supplied case.

102.99 EUR

A 3 meter high blue folding gazebo with 4.5 meters sides. A tensile structure also suitable for professional uses such as street markets, fairs or outdoor ceremonies.

101.99 EUR

A folding red gazebo with an accordion opening and adjustable legs. A folding structure that is easy to assemble and perfect even for professional use.

101.99 EUR

A practical 3 x 4,5 green gazebo ideal for fairs, markets and outdoor events. Easy to assemble thanks to the accordion structure and provided with carrying case.

101.99 EUR

A set of weights for gazebos made of washable plastic, easy to transport and to fill. Indispensable to promote the stability of a gazebo and fix it to the ground.

16.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items


A 3 x 3 folding gazebo is the perfect purchase for the good season. Spending a day outdoors in the family or with friends, a lunch in the countryside, a ceremony: a gazebo is suitable for many different circumstances!
The 3 x 3 folding gazebos are one of the most requested tensile structures on the market. Why? Surely because they are a good compromise between surface and maneuverability. A gazebo of this size has in fact a covered area of ​​9 square meters, able to accommodate up to 14 people seated and even up to 36 people standing.


A gazebo is not just a professional structure, but can be useful and appreciated by all lovers of outdoor activities!
With our 3 x 3 folding gazebos you can "decorate" your garden and create a covered area for an outdoor lunch, but you can also use it on the terrace (as long as it's big enough!). In our opinion, a gazebo of this size is the perfect equipment for camping and on the road holidays.
Very easy to assemble, our garden gazebo has an accordion opening. A few minutes will be enough to open or close it. Once closed, you can also store it in the special washable case and provided with a zipper: it will take up very little space and you can carry it in comfort!
To mount your new white garden gazebo 3 x 3 will suffice two people and a few minutes of work. You will not need tools or specific tools: simply stack the various sections that make up the side legs, open the upper structure and place it on the base. Thanks to the accordion structure you can easily close the gazebo without having to remove the sheet after each use. For fixing to the ground, we recommend using stakes or small weights.


In our catalog you will also find a series of 3 x 4,5 meter gazebos (available in various colors) that are also ideal for professional use or for ceremonies. In fact, a 3 x 4,5 gazebo has a covered area that can repair an even greater number of people, and for this reason they are also ideal for ceremonies such as baptisms and ceremonies, or for festivals and outdoor parties.
Not only that: if you are an exhibitor and frequent markets, a 3 x 4,5 gazebo allows you to keep your objects on display from the sun or rain.