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A 3 x 3 white gazebo, ideal for those who love outdoor life! Equipped with an adjustable height structure, easy to assemble and transport.

77.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 outdoor blue gazebo, versatile and suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. From fairs to domestic use, a marquee perfect for the summer.

76.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 folding red gazebo, an ideal tensile structure for every type of use: excellent in the garden or on the terrace, but also perfect for professional use.

76.99 EUR

Easy to assemble and versatile, our 3 x 3 green gazebo with accordion opening is a must-have accessory for any kind of oudoor activity.

76.99 EUR

A white gazebo of dimensions 3 x 3 meters, with legs adjustable in height and provided with weights for fixing to the ground. Ideal for all oudoor activities!

85.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 blue gazebo with an accordion and folding opening, provided with weights for fixing. Ideal as a garden gazebo or as a canvas for fairs or markets.

84.99 EUR

A practical 3 x 3 folding red gazebo with weights, with adjustable legs and waterproof tarpaulin. Easy to transport and mountable in just a few minutes.

84.99 EUR

A 3 x 3 green gazebo perfect for the garden, the terrace or for a large number of oudoor activities. Equipped with adjustable legs and with a waterproof tarpaulin.

84.99 EUR

A large triangular sun shade sail with 5 meter long sides. A scenographic parasol perfect for the garden, or to create shaded areas outside a bar or a kiosk.

43.99 EUR

A beige triangular shade sail, with 3.6 meters long sides. A scenographic and easy to assemble sunshade, perfect also as a boat awning.

29.99 EUR

An elegant triangular beige sun shade sail with 3-meter sides, a modern design solution to create a shaded area in the garden and enjoy a beautiful sunny day!

23.99 EUR

A square beige shading sail with 3.6 meters long sides, easy to assemble and transport. Try it as a camping tent!

42.99 EUR

For a garden, a terrace or an outdoor area: our square awning is a modern, scenographic parasol, alternative to the classic parasols.

73.99 EUR

A beige rectangular shade sail, with sides of 4 and 5 meters in length. A versatile and simple to install parasol.

68.99 EUR

A 3 x 4,5 white gazebo is an ideal tensile structure for professional use. Resistant, easy to assemble and transport thanks to the supplied case.

102.99 EUR

A 3 meter high blue folding gazebo with 4.5 meters sides. A tensile structure also suitable for professional uses such as street markets, fairs or outdoor ceremonies.

101.99 EUR

A folding red gazebo with an accordion opening and adjustable legs. A folding structure that is easy to assemble and perfect even for professional use.

101.99 EUR

A practical 3 x 4,5 green gazebo ideal for fairs, markets and outdoor events. Easy to assemble thanks to the accordion structure and provided with carrying case.

101.99 EUR

A scenic beige shade shaded sail that is easy to assemble. Use it to set up a small corner of relaxation in view of the beautiful season!

30.99 EUR

A scenographic rectangular curtain, functional and easy to assemble. You can always carry it with you and it is also perfect as a camping tent or as a boat awning.

44.99 EUR

A set of weights for gazebos made of washable plastic, easy to transport and to fill. Indispensable to promote the stability of a gazebo and fix it to the ground.

16.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items